HRR 069, limited to 500 copies, 150x white/ red + 150 x red/ white splatter + 200 x black vinyl, 4 page lyric insert

Jerry - Vocals
Diego - Guitar
Matt - Guitar
Ganso - Bass
Mario "Boludo" - Drums

-Lord of the Sluts
-Rocking in the Night
-(Blackbeard) Wild of the Sea
-Steel Maker
-Strong like the Fire
-Slow Death
-Invaders of Steel
-All the Metalheads
-Amo de las callejeras
-All the Metalheads (different version)


Voltax are a new traditional Heavy Metal band from Mexico. They released their self-titled debut album originally on CD in 2007. High Roller Records is now proud to announce a limited edition vinyl pressing of this fabulous piece of molten Metal. Vocalist Jerry elaborates on the band history: "Voltax was formed in 2006 under the name 'Voltage' with Gova and Ganso. They called an old friend, Matt, in order to start a Heavy Metal band and they began to write original music. They soon found a new second guitar player, Isaac, in order to produce a more powerful but still classic sound. Also, the name of the band was changed into Voltax. Later on, they called me to take over the microphone. With the complete line-up we recorded 'Discharge', the first demo. Already playing around Mexico City promoting 'Discharge', we were quickly signed by Blower Records. In November of 2007 we asked Diego to join the band on guitar, due to Isaac's job duties and his lack of time for live shows. The album 'Voltax' was also released in November of that same year. Already promoting the album playing shows all over Mexico, some sad news reached Voltax: Isaac couldn't carry on with the band. In 2008, we announced a further line-up change: the co-founder and bassist of the band, Ricardo 'Gova', couldn't carry on. So Ganso exchanged his drumkit for bass and in Mario we found a new official drummer."
Voltax come from Mexico City, a huge place with nearly 9 million inhabitants. So is the Heavy Metal scene also big over there? Guitarist Diego reflects: "That's a good question! To be honest, over here we always see the same bands playing the same shows at the same places, so we wouldn't consider that a big scene. Still, new kids are getting into Metal and that's good. But then again, the only time you see lots of metalheads is at big concerts. Other than that, it's always the same people you meet ..." So it's almost like in Germany then. I always thought Mexico does have a really healthy underground scene but Diego sees it differently: "The answer is rather complex. It is healthy because there are loads of bands playing here (mainly Black and Death Metal). But on the other hand it is unhealthy because there is a definite lack of ideas, poor creativity and lots of bands sounding exactly the same as each other (not even sounding like major bands)." As every good young Metal band striving for higher things, Voltax also toyed around with a couple of cover songs in the very early phase of their career: "We have been invited to play a couple of tribute shows for major bands like Judas Priest and Angeles del Infierno. Also, we have played random songs from Running Wild or Agent Steel ('Bleed for the Gods' was played constantly with the first line-up) but we focus more on our own material. Nevertheless, on our upcoming second album, we have a nice surprise for every fan of the Mexican underground Heavy Metal scene of the '80's ... "
For now, Voltax and Diego hope to present their brand of South American Metal to European, especially German audiences: "We hope that with the new album we will get more interest from promoters over there. We will be waiting until next year and hope to be able to finance a trip over to Europe and do a small tour promoting the next album."

Matthias Mader