SAVAGE MASTER - Mask of the Devil  CD
SAVAGE MASTER - Mask of the Devil  CD
SAVAGE MASTER - Mask of the Devil CD

HRR 501 CD

Stacey Savage - vocals
Adam Neal - guitar & backing vocals
Larry Myers - guitar & backing vocals
Steve Curtsinger - bass
Eric McManus - drums

-Blood On The Rose
-The Mystifying Oracle
-Mask Of The Devil
-The Ripper In Black
-Kill Without Warning
-Marry The Wolf
-Altar Of Lust
-Death Rides The Highway


Just as Savage Master's second album »With Whips And Chains« has been released to world-wide critical acclaim, it's time to have a look at what happened before this ground breaking release. Savage Master were formed in October 2013 by guitarist Adam Neal and female vocalist Stacey “Savage” Peak in Louisville, Kentucky (of all places).

Taking their striking image from the 1960s cult movie »Black Sunday« (aka »The Mask Of Satan«), portraying executioners under the command of a witch, it was the band's 2014 debut album »Mask Of The Devil« that did take the metal world by storm. “We are thrilled with the reaction that »Mask Of The Devil« has received,” enthuses mistress Savage. “It has been overwhelmingly positive, which was a bit of a shock as we did not realize we would gain as much recognition as we have, especially so early on.”

Four hooded guys (looking not unlike the incredible Mentors) plus a chick in high-heeled black leather boots swinging an iron metal chain – don't get fooled by the promo pics. It's not about the image. With striking songs such as “Blood On The Rose”, “The Ripper In Black” and “Altar Of Lust” Savage Master instantly gained their well-deserved recognition with fans and press alike. Coming across like a raw mixture of Acid (Belgium) and Bitch (US) »Mask Of The Devil« is one of the best debut albums of any metal band within the last couple of years. The album gained incredible marks in magazines such as Rock Hard (Germany), Deaf Forever (Germany) and Iron Fist (UK).

Due to public demand »Mask Of The Devil« is being re-issued on CD via High Roller Records.

Matthias Mader