WARFARE - Metal Anarchy: The Original Metal-Punk Sessions  CD
WARFARE - Metal Anarchy: The Original Metal-Punk Sessions  CD
WARFARE - Metal Anarchy: The Original Metal-Punk Sessions CD

HRR 453 CD

-Electric Mayhem
-Wrecked Society
-Metal Anarchy
-Psycho Express
-Living For The Last Days
-Military Shadow

Mastered and partially restored by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in 2015


Tyneside’s Warfare are widely considered to have been the original metal punks. The band was formed by drummer Evo in late 1983. Evo had learned his trade in legendary Oi! Band Major Accident from Darlington. Leaving Major Accident Evo moved to London and briefly joined The Blood (whose »False Gestures For A Devious Public« is a classic early crossover/metal album, which peaked at number 62 in the official UK charts in 1983). Before creating his own monster, Evo also had a short spell drumming for the Angelic Upstarts, one of the original British oi! bands (from South Shields).
However, in late 1983 it was time for Evo to form his own band. Together with Gunner on guitar and Falken on bass Warfare was formed. The album »Metal Anarchy: The Original Metal-Punk Sessions« is the last in this three-part series released by High Roller Records and collects eight early Warfare recordings of songs such as “Electric Mayhem”, “Warfare”, “Psycho Express”, “Military Shadow” and “Disgrace”. All eight songs later ended up on the proper »Metal Anarchy« album issued by Neat Records in 1985 (with former Motörhead guitarist Würzel lending a guest performance on the title track). However, the versions to be found on »The Original Metal-Punk Sessions« are vastly different, often played much faster than on the original album. Some of the songs have even been recorded on 24 tracks.
In Kerrang! magazine Dane Bonutto wrote about Warfare: “This lot are like the guys who in 1977 grew their hair a bit longer than the guys who were into the Pistols and decided to play heavy metal, but it’s the same kind of mentality behind it really, even down to the title. There is a market for this kind of thing.”
Although an official VHS tape of live footage was released later on, Warfare did not tour an awful lot following the release of »Metal Anarchy« on Neat Records. Evo explains: “I was too dangerous and cost the record company far too much money when I did go out live, setting our vans and promoters on fire, pissing in amps, smashing people’s faces in, draining pigs of blood to throw at audiences. Just the usual things.”
Having been asked time and time again, Evo ends all rumours of Warfare reforming once and for all: “Warfare will never be resumed. There was a time and that time is gone. That’s why I am doing a solo album as I have had another vision, my first-ever solo album. I have been asked many times over the years to do this but this time it just felt right. It will leave Warfare gasping for breath, both in insanity and pure driving rock filth.”
The material on »Metal Anarchy: The Original Metal-Punk Sessions« has been carefully re-mastered by Patrick W. Engel at his Temple Of Disharmony studio.

Matthias Mader