WHITE HORNET - s/t  7"
WHITE HORNET - s/t  7"
WHITE HORNET - s/t  7"
WHITE HORNET - s/t  7"

HRR 408, ltd 500, 250 x transparent ultra clear + 250 x black vinyl, lyric sheet

TODD L. EDWARDS - lead vocals
MATT "SAINT" ST.OURS - lead guitars/bass/backing vocals/drum programming

-Goin' Straight to Hell
-Satan's Arrow Strikes
-Condemned to Hell
-White Hornet


The story of White Hornet, like many others who came before, begins (and to this very day remains) in a cramped attic bedroom. If there's any of you reading this out there that have ever been the unknown in music and tried starting your own band from the bottom up; you'll already know how very difficult it is to truly get things on the path to even basic recognition. The year was 2010; I was a senior at Parkville High School in Baltimore Maryland, and I had never been in a band before (hell, I hadn't even been playing guitar for but a year or so). My heart was dead set on playing the music that I loved, and being a huge fan of the NWOBHM, traditional metal, and heavy metal underground as a whole, I knew it'd be no easy task. Upon looking into the Baltimore music scene, it didn't take long to find out that no other bands were doing anything even close to my vision, and after many fruitless attempts to find any like-minded, I simply decided to do things on my own. There's so much more to say, but I wouldn't want to bore everyone to death (I can do that another time haha!)...so let's fast-forward a bit...

The years passed, and by early 2013 finally saw the release of the debut EP "Apocalypse" with the following year seeing the release of the debut full-length "Give 'Em The Axe", which really put us on the oldschool heavy metal map. Now here we are in 2015, still in that same attic bedroom, and this new self-titled EP will soon release for you all to hear. I should mention the fantastic cover art by Ole Hamilton of Mandrake and Witch Cross (he drew the iconic Mercyful Fate EP and Witch Cross "Fit For Fight" covers; the man is a legendary artist and guitarist both!). The EP takes two tracks from the first Apocalypse EP and re-creates them how I originally envisioned; they've been given a complete overhaul vocally by the killer vocals of Todd L Edwards, and I couldn't be more glad with the result. The EP also contains 2 brand new songs exclusive to this EP alone, one being the self-titled killer that describes the band name perfectly; fast, aggressive, and in your face. The band is already working on a second full-length, and I really hope you enjoy this EP release; as it wouldn't have been possible without labels like High Roller and all the true oldschool metalheads worldwide. People always ask me where the name came from, and if there's any meaning behind it; check out this EP and I think you'll fully understand. To see my music on a fantastic label like High Roller (who has more bands on their roster that I love than I can even count), much less a vinyl record is the oppurtunity of a lifetime to me; so I hope every single person out there who buys this EP will wholeheartedly love it. Heavy metal never dies, and after listening to this EP from us, we hope you'll see that the flame is burning ever so-strongly and has no intention of going out.

-Matt St.