DEATHFIST - Demons 7"
DEATHFIST - Demons 7"
DEATHFIST - Demons 7"
DEATHFIST - Demons 7"

HRR058, limited to 500 copies, multicolored vinyl, 4 page folder/ lyric sheet, first 300 copies incl. an additional CD-r with all songs, and a 4 page booklet in a pp-sleeve, 31x17 cm poster

Corinna Becker - Vocals
Markus Wichmann - Guitar
Martin B. - Bass
Tormentor - Drums

-Killing Time
-Slay Her
-Booze Brigade


Deathfist (voted "Underground Newcomer Of The Month" by German HEAVY! magazine) was started by mainman and guitarist Markus Wichmann after splitting from Mortal Remains in October 2008. The aim of the new band was to record and release material already written. What was originally planned as a project, soon take on a life of its own. Markus explains: "When I left Mortal Remains, it was totally clear that I still wanted to release the new songs I had written in some shape or form. That's why I set up a myspace site immediately looking for a drummer to record my material. I was really surprised that Tormentor (of Desaster fame) got back to me in no time. I did not know him at all and was not hanging around with all those guys from Koblenz. But after the second rehearsal it was crystal clear that Deathfist would be more than a mere recording project ..."
For 2009, the band is scheduled to play live at least six times. Markus Wichmann on guitar, Tormentor on drums, Corinna Becker (also former Mortal Remains) on vocals and Martin B. on bass (Midnight Rider and Metalucifer) have already written two new compositions and hope to enter the studio in the first quarter of 2010 to record ten brand new tracks for a full-length studio album (to be released on High Roller Records). As for now, fans of German Thrash Metal should take a listen to the band's debut 7" EP "Demons", of which Markus Wichmann says: "Bearing in mind that I wrote three of the four tracks while I was still in Mortal Remains, there are bound to be at least some similarities in style. But as there were some elements in Mortal Remains, especially on "Next Level", I did not like at all, I will definitely not incorporate those influences into the sound of my new band."
For some, the so-called Thrash revival has already gotten way out of hand. With too many talentless outfits jumping on the bandwaggon to make some easy cash. Deathfist are clearly a different breed. Markus (who is hugely influenced by Slayer, Sodom and Metallica) comments: "Well, the German underground Thrash scene is pretty active. Support, especially of the up and coming bands, is extremely strong - people help each other out. That is a good thing. Festivals like the 'Raging Death Date' are very important for the scene.
Of course there'll always be bands who are only in it for the money but new acts like Municipal Waste, Mantic Ritual or Warbringer are 100% behind their music. That's what I think. I don't think I would say the same about a band like Exumer ..."
Matthias Mader (Iron Pages)