MANTIC RITUAL - Executioner LP
MANTIC RITUAL - Executioner LP
MANTIC RITUAL - Executioner LP
MANTIC RITUAL - Executioner LP
MANTIC RITUAL - Executioner LP
MANTIC RITUAL - Executioner LP

HRR053, gatefold cover, limited to 750 copies, 100 x silver vinyl, 200 x silver/ black splatter + 450 x black vinyl

Dan Wetmore - Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Potts - Guitar
Ben Mottsman - Bass
Adam Haritan - Drums

- One by One
- Executioner
- Black Tar Sin
- Death and Destruction
- Souls

- Murdered to Death
- Panic
- Double the Blood
- Thrashatonement
- By the Cemetery
- Next Attack


All of you know what happened to this particular band that founded a movement called thrash metal! You also know what happened in the past few years - after thrash metal disappeared for quite some time and had a small revival some years ago now a new generation of thrashing bands sees the light of day - some of them barely important! But here comes a band that will make you forget what you heard in the past and what is happening right now.

MANTIC RITUAL are what thrash was all about back in the 80ies and should also be about nowadays. Dedicated to the bone, full of teenage anger and playing like a whirlwind this four-piece gives you what you've been looking for. Staccato riffing, sprouting drums, barking vocals and a quite striking bass that isn't there only for statistics. All this combined with the required amount of speed MANTIC RITUAL are what METALLICA were when releasing their first album! Thrash or be thrashed!

The bands debut "Executioner" already saw the light of day back in 2007 as a demo which led to the contract with Nuclear Blast in early 2008. A&R Marko Sirac about the signing of this new, fresh & very promising young band: "MANTIC RITUAL are just killer! This young bands old school thrash sounds fresher than it did ever before by a band of that age! These guys really have style and deliver passion!"

As soon as the contracts were settled the band immediately hit legendary Stage One Studios with producer Andy Classen (LEGION OF THE DAMNED, NEAERA, BELPHEGOR, ASPHYX, DEW-SCENTED…) who gave the band the sound they were looking for and suits their music just perfectly.

Everything about this band is what all of you have been missing since 1990 - MANTIC RITUAL breathes and sprays the spirit of the 80ies without sounding like a lame copycat - this is thrash!!!