ROBERT PEHRSSON'S HUMBUCKER - The Hollow of a Rising Tone  7"
ROBERT PEHRSSON'S HUMBUCKER - The Hollow of a Rising Tone  7"
ROBERT PEHRSSON'S HUMBUCKER - The Hollow of a Rising Tone  7"
ROBERT PEHRSSON'S HUMBUCKER - The Hollow of a Rising Tone  7"
ROBERT PEHRSSON'S HUMBUCKER - The Hollow of a Rising Tone 7"

HRR 404, ltd 1000, 150 x ultra clear, 450 x transparent beer + 400 x black vinyl

Robert Pehrsson - vocals, guitar
Joseph Tholl - guitar, vocals
Jens Lagergren - bass
Jakob Ljungberg - drums & percussion

-The Hollow of a Rising Tone
-Shadow Play (Rory Gallagher cover)


Who would have thought a year ago that Robert Pehrsson's first Humbucker album has the potential to become such a big hit? The Swedish guitarist has in the past played in such diverse bands as Thunder Express, Death Breath, Runemagick, Slingblade as well as Dagger and Imperial State Electric. However, his biggest success so far has been the first self-titled solo album with his own band Humbucker. Rock Hard, Germany's biggest independent metal magazine, declared it “album of the month”. “That was really cool, both for me and my label,” states Roger Pehrsson. “My album is not very metal at all, so Rock Hard likes more diverse music, I guess.” All in all Roger is really surprised about how well the album was received by a wide variety of listeners and press alike: “Yes, it was indeed a surprise to me. I was satisfied with the album but you can never know how other people will like it. I just tried to do something I liked and could be satisfied with myself. The album has gotten very good reviews all over. It’s been quite amazing, to be honest.”
As one can imagine, this huge success was noticed by some bigger labels as well. So has anybody knocked on Roger Pehrsson's door? This was indeed the case: “I have gotten e-mails and messages from labels wanting to release stuff in the future. That's true. I’m very satisfied with High Roller Records though and have no plans of changing labels. In the future I will just try to write more good songs. That is the only plan I have. We will see what comes out in the end. I don't plan to take on any other style or anything like that. This is the music I enjoy writing and playing at this point in my life. Success is not my motivation at all. I still do this because I love playing music. That’s the only thing worth doing it for. I have done most of the things I dreamed of when I was younger already. But I’m really happy High Roller Records gave me the chance to record my own album and that it came out good for both of us.”
As a special treat for his fans Roger Pehrsson will issue a special limited edition 7” single containing a new song called "The Hollow of a rising Tone" and a cover version of Rory Gallagher's "Shadow Play" on the B-side. Roger explains: “'The Hollow of a rising Tone' is a catchy rocker and I think people will recognize it as being a R.P. Humbucker song straight away. It’s very melodic. I think the song would have fit the album just as well. But since we are going on a tour in Germany we thought it could be a nice thing to have something new to release for this tour. I love Rory Gallagher and that's why we have made 'Shadow Play' into something that sounds very much like us. I like to play a few cover tunes live and this one we have been playing at all our shows so far.”
On the mentioned tour of Germany apart from Roger Pehrsson on guitar and vocals Humbucker will consist of Jakob Ljungberg (Tribulation & Kilroy) on drums, Joseph Tholl (Enforcer, Black Trip) on guitar and vocals and Jens Lagergren (Hello Saferide, Dundertåget, I Are Droid) on bass.
Humbucker being so successful with its debut album, however, does not mark the end of Roger contributing to other projects and bands: “I still work with Imperial State Electric and The Dagger and will continue doing so. We also have an unreleased Death Breath album to finish and put out at some point in the future. Humbucker is my main priority though. I will try and do anything I have the time to do and that I like doing. I often sing and play guitar on other bands records as a guest musician and that is something I enjoy so I will continue doing so.”
Matthias Mader