DESASTER - Live in Bamberg  DVD
DESASTER - Live in Bamberg  DVD
DESASTER - Live in Bamberg DVD


-25 Years of Total Desaster: The Documentary

-Divine Blasphemies
-Splendour of the Idols
-The Arts of Destruction
-Ghouls to Strike
-Phantom Funeral
-In the Ban of Satan's Sorcery
-Fields of Triumph
-God is Dead
-Evil Arschloch
-In a Winter Battle
-Intro - Decade of Desaster
-Hellfire’s Dominion
-Call on the Beast
-Teutonic Steel
-As the Deadworld Calls
-Tyrants of the Netherworld
-Satan's Soldiers Syndicate
-Black Magic
-Metalized Blood


Honestly, I don’t really need to introduce you to DESASTER, Germany’s top institution for blackened Thrash? The long-running outfit from Koblenz has been making its mark in the metal world for a quarter of a century now, and if you never heard of legendary albums like „A Touch of Medieval Darkness“, “Hellfire’s Dominion”, „Tyrants of the Netherworld“ or the latest release “The Arts of Destruction”, you must have spent the last 25 years in a cave!
In 2013, the mighty Desaster celebrated their 25th birthday with a huge anniversary show in Bamberg, supported by Pentacle and Delirium Tremens and attended by fans and friends from all over the metal globe. If you missed that very special once-in-a-lifetime gig, you should get yourself a copy of the double LP album, which also marks a turning point in the history of High Roller, as it is part of the biggest project we ever realised!
Desaster put up a very, very special show, bringing together both old and new members of the band and fans from places as far away as Sweden, Brazil and Peru, and they did what was possible to create an unforgettable concert, as Sataniac assures: “I think it was an amazing night in Bamberg, really a fine night to remember. We had planned to bring 25 years of total Desaster to the crowd, and we did. Almost all past and current members ever involved in Desaster joined us on stage. We are not really professional, so in the end we are very satisfied with the result. The whole day was fantastic, with maniacs coming from very far places especially for this show. We met a lot of friends, fans and people who worked with and supported us during all the years.” The band also put some thought into the set list for the show, even though that wasn’t an easy task: “Yes, we wanted to deliver songs from every release done in the past. We also ran a little poll on fuckbook (read: facebook), so that the fans could choose some old songs that our former vocalist Okkulto should sing during the gig. But don’t believe the rumours! Usually we don’t think that much at all.”

The show was not only recorded for the album, but also filmed: The DVD gives you the chance to relive that night full of Desaster-madness. And that’s not all! Apart from the show, the DVD (which is the first one ever released on High Roller) will also include a documentary which digs deep into the dark past of Desaster: “We tried to reanimate our desastrous past with some interviews and a little bit of story-telling. We also did interviews with all the people who crossed our path. I must say the director Bömber managed to create a really interesting story. I was a bit sceptical when I heard that the documentary has a running time over 2 hours, but the outcome is really impressive and entertaining, even for people who are not very deep into metal and DESASTER!” Sure as hell, there will be some dark secrets from the past revealed in the documentary? That question hit the bull’s eye… “Ahhh, you mean the transsexual thing…eerrrrr…well…that was a mistake, really! But…ok…enough secrets for today…hahahaha…you see, I think there definitely are some ‘coming outs’ in the movie, hehe!” Show and documentary were filmed and produced by Visions in Fear, who are also responsible for the annual Keep it True-DVD. The cover artwork of “Live in Bamberg” was delivered by of one of Germany’s most prolific album cover artists, Axel Hermann, whose work graces the releases of some of the most important extreme metal bands around these days – one of them being Desaster: “It was the second cover he did for us, since we were very satisfied with the one he did for ‘The Arts of Destruction’.”
Desaster had some good reasons to go for High Roller when it came to finding a good place to release “Live in Bamberg”, even if their criteria were a bit unusual in the beginning: “Steffen did a great job with the vinyl version of our last album ‘The Arts of Destruction’. We need pure quality when it comes to our vinyls. The offer he made us was also good, so we decided to give HRR the privilege to release this ugly noise on vinyl, CD and DVD. At first sight we thought that Steffen wasn’t the right guy, since his muscles are not really trained if you compare him with the Desaster members, but in the end we thought that this isn’t really important for a record company boss, hehe!”
Looking back at 25 years of Desaster – what were the most memorable moments during those times, and which were the worst? “There were a lot of fine times. Especially the tours we did in South America were amazing. The crowd and the whole lifestyle are very different to the rest of the world. I love South America.” And what about the bad moments? “We had some personal problems before the release of “The Arts…” …some health problems, some other stupid shit. That wasn’t that nice. But what doesn’t kill us, makes us more Metal!”
Desaster have been called “one of Germany’s most honest and most authentic underground metal bands” more than once. Is there a secret behind that? Not really, it’s basically about remembering where one comes from: “We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We don’t think of ourselves as musicians, we are fans! I think that this is the main reason why people keep supporting us. We also did some good records, maybe this could be another reason…!”
Having been around and heavily influential for 25 years, what is the next thing people can expect from Desaster? “Expect some metal shows, some records… It’s hard to seize world domination if you look as ugly as we do. Whatever! We may not be as pretty as Steel Panther, but we have much bigger balls!”
Ulrike Schmitz