DYNAMITE - Blackout Station  LP
DYNAMITE - Blackout Station  LP
DYNAMITE - Blackout Station  LP
DYNAMITE - Blackout Station  LP
DYNAMITE - Blackout Station LP

HRR 371, ltd 500, 350 x piss yellow vinyl + 150 x black vinyl, gatefold cover, insert

Mattis - vocals, guitar
Sebastian - guitar
Adam - bass
Jonas - drums

-Blackout Station
-Talk is Cheap
-Burn it Down
-Hail Rock n Roll
-It's a Long Way Home
-Grind for a Dime
-Give it to Me
-Hard to Please
-Damn You Women
-Wild and Untamed


There must be something in the water in Sweden (or in the beer for that matter). Or how else would you explain the sheer number of high quality metal acts having formed in this country over the last couple of years? It surely helps that the Swedish state is paying professional musicians to teach young kids in local youth centres the joys of playing rock music (on first class equipment).
However, it's quite a different story with Dynamite. “We come from a small town where there's not a lot to do, so we have had a lot of time to play rock 'n' roll and write songs, I guess… ,” says guitarist Sebastian. He concludes: “The opportunities you have here to learn an instrument make it easier of course.”
For a change, none of the current Dynamite members has a side project going on. Mattis (vocals, guitar), Sebastian (guitar), Adam (bass) and Jonas (drums) originally formed in 2012, recording their debut album a year later. Sebastian has a good story to tell on the early days of his band: “We have been aired on Swedish national radio and made headlines in the biggest newspapers in Sweden with the music video for the song 'Lock 'n' Load' and the story behind the video when we got chased by the police for staging a bank robbery. When we released our debut album we were, and still are, satisfied with that album. Since that our songwriting has improved and we are a better band today than we were a year ago. And the opportunity to record in a really good studio with a great producer was a great experience.” For »Blackout Station« Dynamite have now signed a contract with High Roller Records.
“We just thought that the name Dynamite explained what we are in a perfect way - powerful, explosive rock 'n' roll from Sweden,” explains Sebastian the name of the band. Without revealing a secret it's fair to say that the mighty AC/DC must be one of the main influences for songs like “Talk Is Cheap”, the sleazy “Damn You Women” or grimy “Grind For A Dime”. “Hail Rock 'n' Roll” sums it up best. “We all love AC/DC and they have had a big impact on us,” reveals Sebastian. “They have a certain feeling and groove that I love and carry with me when I write songs. And it's that feeling we're after, rather than trying to re-create their sound and songs. I have also seen Airbourne and '77 a couple of times in Sweden and they are both great bands as well.”
So are Dynamite a prototypical Swedish rock/metal band at all? Is it hard for them to get into the AC/DC groove? Sebastian denies: “You just have to mix the Death Metal groove with ABBA and then you've got it!”
I couldn't have put in any better!

Matthias Mader