SOLDIER - Dogs of War  DLP
SOLDIER - Dogs of War  DLP
SOLDIER - Dogs of War  DLP
SOLDIER - Dogs of War  DLP
SOLDIER - Dogs of War DLP

HRR 332, ltd 500, 350 x transparent purple vinyl + 150 x black vinyl, gatefold cover, insert

Richard Frost – vocals
Ian Alan Dick – electric & acoustic guitars
Miles Goodman – electric guitars
Steve Barlow – bass guitar
Alex Smith - drums

-Dogs of War
-I Can’t Breathe
-The Eye
-Lock n’ Load
-Demon in the Room
-I am
-Take me Home
-No Mans Land
-Sheralee (2012)
-Crash Course
-The Hanging Tree


Frustratingly for band members and fans alike, Northampton’s Soldier can best be described as ‘one of those bands…’: they were one of those bands seen as one of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’s brightest hopes; they were one of those bands who had so much to offer but, dogged by line-up changes, were never able to fulfil their potential; and despite being actively chased by Heavy Metal Records (for whom they’d already released a single) with an album deal they were one of those bands who never released that all-important full length LP back in the NWOBHM’s glory days.

Since coming back together Soldier have issued three CDs –an EP ‘Infantrycide’, a compilation featuring demo and live material ‘Heavy Metal Force’ and ‘Sins Of The Warrior’ which mixed older and newly written songs. ‘Dogs Of War’ is the band’s first album of all-new material (a 2013 take on their debut single ‘Sheralee’ aside’) and despite easily holding its own against any contemporary metal release it was written first and foremost as “a NWOBHM album, so all the songs must fit in the genre,” says guitarist Ian Dick. “The other thing that I thought was important was the melody and, hopefully, lots of hooks. And finally I really wanted lots of fluid, twin-guitar work…”

‘Dogs Of War’ is also the first Soldier album to appear on vinyl and to make it more of an occasion it will be released as a double album playing at 45rpm with new, exclusive artwork. As Dick notes: “as fans know, we never released a vinyl album back in the day, so to see ‘Dogs Of War’ on vinyl will be wicked!”

John Tucker October 2013