OVERDRIVE - Let the Metal Do the Talking  LP
OVERDRIVE - Let the Metal Do the Talking  LP
OVERDRIVE - Let the Metal Do the Talking  LP
OVERDRIVE - Let the Metal Do the Talking  LP
OVERDRIVE - Let the Metal Do the Talking  LP
OVERDRIVE - Let the Metal Do the Talking LP

HRR 310, ltd 500, 100 x transparent clear vinyl, 150 x black vinyl + 250 x white vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, 2 page lyric insert

Per Karlsson - Vocals
Janne Stark - Guitars
Kjell Jacobsson - Guitars
Kenth Ericsson - Bass
Kenta Svensson - Drums

-Army of Darkness
-Let the Metal Do the Talking
-Fight to the Finish
-Bring Me to Submission
-Den of Iniquity
-Chasing Highways
-Trapped Under Ice
-Gravy Train
-Sinister Warfare


Sweden's Overdrive (not to be confused with their N.W.O.B.H.M. counterparts from the Midlands) was formed in August of 1980 out of the two local bands Paradize (who recorded one 7" single) and Ocean (who recorded two 7" singles and one album). Just one year later they issued their debut mini album entitled »Reflexions« in a circulation of 500 copies on their own label (today a precious collector's item fetching prices of around 200 Euros). In 1983 Overdrive recorded their first longplayer for Planet Records. »Metal Attack« was a mighty fine metal album propelling Overdrive to the forefront of the Swedish Metal scene (hot on the heels of the legendary Heavy Load). After a further album »Swords and Axes« Overdrive split up in 1985. During the course of the 1990s band leader and guitarist Janne Stark became an author and published two phenomenal books on the Swedish Metal scene (a third one is already in the making, due to come out in October 2013). Overdrive re-united for the first time proper in 2003 to play a one-off show at the local 'Rockslaget Festival'.
In 2008 the long-awaited third full-length album »Let The Metal Do The Talking« was released and is now being issued on vinyl for the first time through High Roller Records. Along with Janne Stark on guitars, the line-up consists of Per Karlsson (vocals), Kjell Jacobsson (guitars), Kenth Ericsson (bass) and Kenta Svensson (drums).
The re-union gig in 2003 led to more offers for Overdrive as Janne Stark recalls: “We played this one-off show, and suddenly we were invited to play Headbangers
Open Air and several other festivals and shows. Unfortunately, original
singer, Pelle, who quit singing in 1985 and switched to playing bass, didn't
feel comfortable singing again, so he jumped ship. Three weeks before
Headbangers Open Air we found Per 'PerilOz' Karlsson, born the same year we
released our first EP. It was so much fun we decided to do this as a
permanent re-union. In December 2011 we unfortunately started having great problems with our bass player Kenth and we decided to put the band to rest. However, in only a couple of weeks we came up with a solution. We resurrected the band, now with our original singer Pelle Thuresson handling the bass (he's played bass in various bands ever since he quit singing in 1985) and Overdrive now sounds better than ever! This has also opened up some new cool live
surprises, where for instance Pelle takes over the lead vocals in some old
classics. This means we're still four out of five original members from the
formation in 1980.”
»Let The Metal Do The Talking« is a damned good metal album which clearly shows the traditional roots of Overdrive but doesn't sound dated at all. “I think the style is very true to the old albums,” says Janne Stark. “However, Per's vocals
takes it to a new level. I think, if you've heard the old albums, you'll find
this quite familiar in style and sound. About half the tracks on »Let The Metal Do The Talking« was stuff we wrote back in the 1980s, which was never finished. I think this also adds to old fans feeling at home with the new stuff.” Among the ten tracks is a number called "Trapped Under Ice". It's NOT a Metallica cover says Janne: “Nope, it's an original. It was written back in 1984, and to be honest I'm not sure where I got the title from. It's quite metaphorical about a guy who
ends up going to jail for a murder he didn't commit and he feels like he's
trapped under ice.”
Overdrive recorded two more full-length albums after »Let The Metal Do The Talking«, namely »Angelmaker« and »The Angelmaker's Daughter«, both in 2011. Janne explains: “When we recorded »Angelmaker«, we wrote all new material. We actually had over 25 songs written where we selected 18 songs to record. 12 went on the CD and as we thought the others were too good to scrap we featured these, plus some highlights from »Angelmaker«, on a limited edition vinyl which was pressed in 300 copies in three different colours. Since it was a sister record, we named it »The Angelmaker's Daughter«. It was sold out very quickly!”
Matthias Mader