COVEN - Worship New Gods  LP
COVEN - Worship New Gods  LP
COVEN - Worship New Gods  LP
COVEN - Worship New Gods  LP
COVEN - Worship New Gods LP

HRR 305, ltd 500, 350 x white vinyl + 150 x black vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, lyric sheet

David Landrum - Vocals (lead & backing)
Brian McGuckin - Drums
Roger Cyrkiel - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Todd Kreda - Guitars (acoustic & electric)

-Riddle of Steel
-Wicked Day
-Kiss Me with Blood
-Burial Ground
-General's Eye
-Jail House
-Threshold of the New


remastered by Patrick W. Engel at "Temple of Disharmony", March 2013

Well, are you in for a little lesson in Metal? Now then. The band Coven we are talking about is not the Thrash/Death Metal bunch from Seattle (who released the notorious »Blessed Is The Black« album in 1988). And it's not the obscure 1960s American band who might have issued the first ever Satanic rock album in history either (1969's »Witchcraft Destroys Minds And Reaps Souls« - today a precious collector's item).
»Worship New Gods« is a Doom Metal monster originally released in 1987 and now re-released for the first time on High Roller Records (remastered by Patrick W. Engel at his Temple of Disharmony). Coven were initially formed in the motor city of Detroit in 1985. Some of the members have played in other bands before though, as original drummer Brian McGuckin recalls: “Roger Cyrkiel, our bassist, played in a Detroit band called Trial, along with Kory Klarke of Warrior Soul. When that project disbanded, Roger returned from Los Angeles and formed Coven.”
»Worship New Gods« was pressed in a limited edition of 1,000 copies back in the day. “We sent half of them to Europe and had no idea what became of them”, muses Brian. “We just simply forgot about them until we had heard about its success through the internet and what not within the past six years or so. We really didn’t recognize it much as a collector's piece until around 2005 when we had seen that vinyl copies were selling for around $280. Then we read an article in Terrorizer a few years back written by Fenriz, discussing his vinyl collection, in which he mentioned our album as one of his 'Top 5' that he had acquired within the past year. Which was very cool!”
Following »Worship New Gods« Coven issued another demo tape entitled »Ragnarok« in 1991. “Yes, that is correct,” states Brian. “We released »Ragnarok« as a demo only on cassette in hopes to generate some label interest. The production was absolutely awful. We view it purely only as a demo and that’s it. Never was it considered to be an official release. Shortly thereafter, Roger parted ways with the band. We did several local Detroit shows with other guitarists who were never officially members. We finally called it quits in 1992, until 2005, when we did some successful reunion shows in Detroit.” Temporarily Coven had changed their name to Coven 13 and to 1066. Brian explains: “We did only one show in Detroit under the moniker of 1066. After the release of »Worship New Gods«, we were approached by the Coven from the 1960s and 1970s in regards to us using the Coven name. Roger had spoken with Jinx Dawson, and she had asked very kindly for us to change our name as she explained that her band, Coven, were still in existence. So, as we were already known and established as Coven, we simply decided to add the 13 after Coven. We have been under that moniker, Coven 13, since then … late 1987.”
Yes, you did get that right, Detroit's Coven are back! Brian is happy to announce the good news: “It's all original members, with the addition of Richie Karasinski on guitar. Richie has helped us in writing with some of the songs from »Worship New Gods«. Things are moving in a positive direction for us right now. We are actually more active now than we have ever been. We have just played at 'Hammer of Doom 7' this past November. We had a great time meeting new friends and bands. We will return to Europe in the near future and are open to just about any festival on European soil. There will be a new studio album in the near future. The recording is done. We are waiting on artwork and are in the process of the album layout. It will be called »Destiny Of The Gods« and will be out this summer (2013).”
Matthias Mader