JAG PANZER - Chain of Command  CD
JAG PANZER - Chain of Command  CD
JAG PANZER - Chain of Command  CD
JAG PANZER - Chain of Command CD

HRR 293 CD, jewelcase, 16 pages booklet, HRR 293CDSC, slipcase, poster, 16 page booklet

Bob Parduba - vocals
Mark Briody - guitars
John Tetley - bass
Christian Lasegue - guitars
Rikard Stjernquist - drums

-Chain Of Command
-Shadow Thief
-She Waits
-Ride Through The Storms
-In A Gadda Da Vida
-Never Surrender
-Burning Heart
-Sworn To Silence
-Dream Theme
-Gavotte In D
-When The Walls Come Down (bonustrack, unreleased demo)
-Battle Zones (bonustrack, live)

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Tracks 1-11 recorded at Avalanche Studios, Colorado Springs CO (1987)
Engineered by George Counnias
Produced by Jag Panzer

"When The Walls Come Down"
Recorded at Startsong Studio Colorado Springs CO
Engineered by Tom Gregor
Produced by Jag Panzer

"Battle Zones" (bonustrack, live)
Recorded live in Denver CO
Mixed at Startsong Studio Colorado Springs CO
Engineered by Tom Gregor

All tracks remastered and partially restored from digital transfers of the original studio tapes by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY, December 2012.

When it became apparent that the follow up album to »Ample Destruction« was not as easy to realise as Jag Panzer had hoped for, there were a couple of line up changes within the band. »Shadow Thief« was a collection of demo tapes which did not result in the deal the band had envisaged. As a consequence, drummer Reynold 'Butch' Carlson, vocalist Harry 'The Tyrant' Conklin and guitar wizard Joey Taffola left Jag Panzer. However, according to Mark Briody no bad blood was shed: “We all remained friends and supportive of each other. Back then in the industry people did not join multiple bands like they do today. Harry had a chance to join Riot and Joey got a solo album deal from Shrapnel Records. Both of these were higher profile gigs then Jag Panzer, so they took the opportunity to join those.”
Throwing in the towel completely was not an option for Mark though: “No, throwing in the towel was never a consideration. We enjoy playing music because that’s what we do, it’s not a matter of quitting, it’s in our blood. We found the new guys after checking out every musician in our area.” The new guys were Rikard Stjernquist on drums, Chris Lasegue on second guitar and Bob Parduba on vocals. (Plus John Tetley from the old line up). “Bob sang with a band called Alloy Czar,” remarks Mark. “They did originals and some covers. Their Judas Priest covers were amazing, Bob sounded fantastic on them. Of course people would compare him with Harry but there is nothing I could do about that. Bob has a great voice I thought he’d sound good singing on the songs Christian and I wrote.”
»Chain of Command« was written (and produced) to become the second Jag Panzer studio album. The band already had a few cover ideas back then: “Yeah, like the sword and shield made from tank parts. I like that the new version of the cover done by High Roller Records uses that idea.”
The same as with »Shadow Thief«, Jag Panzer were not able to secure a deal for »Chain of Command« back in the days. Mark Briody: “We had several record companies interested in »Chain of Command« – Auburn and Black Dragon are two that come to mind, but there were several more. We just couldn’t come to an agreement on a contract. I never thought of joining any other band though. I write songs. People usually don’t have openings for songwriters. So for me Jag Panzer is my life!”
Matthias Mader