CRYSTAL VIPER - The Last Axeman LP
CRYSTAL VIPER - The Last Axeman LP
CRYSTAL VIPER - The Last Axeman LP
CRYSTAL VIPER - The Last Axeman LP
CRYSTAL VIPER - The Last Axeman LP

HRR 035,limited to 500 copies, (100 white vinyl + 400 orange vinyl)

Leather Wych - vocals
Andy Wave - guitars
Tommy Roxx - bass
Golem - drums

-The Last Axeman (album version)
-The Anvil Of Hate (new song)
-The Banshee (new song, exclusive for this release)
-Flaming Metal Systems (Manilla Road cover)
-The Last Axeman (Polish version)

-Blood And Gasoline (Virgin Steele cover, unreleased version)
-Demons' Dagger (Epic Version 2008, previously unreleased)
-Out There Survivors (Mirage cover, taken from limited Karthago Records CD compilation - never on LP)
-Atlantis (Angel Witch cover, taken from "A Tribute To Angel Witch" CD -never on LP)
-Sleeping Swords (Epic Version 2008, previously unreleased)


If you are looking for young bands that follow the path of '80s heavy metal, with no doubt you already heard about Crystal Viper. Their debut album (released both on CD and LP) was a huge success, and got impressive feedback from both fans and press - several titles "album of the month" or reviews like 8/10 in Rock Hard, 10/12 in Heavy, or 10/10 in Metal Maidens surely means something. There is no secret, that the image of the band is build around the person of the front lady Marta Gabriel, and incredible vocalist, often compared to the legendary Leather Leone of Chastain and Jutta Weinhold of Zed Yago. Crystal Viper is also known from the theatrical live shows (already co-headlined several festivals, and shared the stage with bands like: Anvil, Doro, Blitzkrieg, Omen or Sacred Steel) and regular presence on the tribute albums: until now, we could find their versions of the old classics on "A Tribute To Angel Witch", "A Tribute To Manilla Road", "A Tribute To Cirith Ungol" and "A Tribute To Wasp"... The limited "The Last Axeman" compilation (officially an EP release, but actually longer than than the debut album!) is a very special gift to all the Crystal Viper fans (band already has official fanclubs in Poland, Holland and United States), and include bunch of rare songs, previously unreleased songs, and new versions of already known compositions. CD version of this release was limited to 1000 copies and was sold out in just few weeks. So, here's the requested vinyl version of this gem but... much different! Brand new version of the "Blood And Gasoline" (Virgin Steele cover song, recorded with guest apperance of David DeFeis & Josh Block), brand new versions of "Sleeping Swords" and "Demons' Dagger", Angel Witch and Mirage cover songs: 5 new songs that didn't appear on the CD version! Can we ask for more? Yes, for the new Crystal Viper album, which will hit the streets in early 2009. But before it will happen, enjoy the next rarity from this unique true heavy metal act! Long live Crystal Viper, they are the Metal Nation!