THORAX - Test Of Time  DLP
THORAX - Test Of Time  DLP
THORAX - Test Of Time DLP

HRR 034, FOC, 4 page insert, limited to 500 copies

Marcel Sprangers - vocals
Rudi Schrijvers - guitar
Chris Verstappen - guitar
Wics Rombouts - bass
Guido Schrijvers - drums
Ludo Verbeeck - keyboards *

Metal *
Powerraid *
Black Sheep *
Eyes Of Avatar *
Battle Waves *
Nowhere To Run *
Destruction *
Crusaders Of Steel
Wasted Land
To Hell With Tomorrow
Fight For Peace Of Mind
Damned Berlin
Computer City
Hammer Or Nail


Hailing from the province of Antwerp, in the North of Belgium, THORAX was a heavy metal outfit that was around from September of 1985 up until early 1991. And although they never managed to release any vinyl in those days of yore, they definitely made their mark on the local metal scene. Besides plenty of headlining gigs, THORAX also played support slots to the likes of BAD LIZARD, Holland's HELLOISE & VENGEANCE and even the mighty SOUNDGARDEN. Furthermore the band also released three quality demo tapes. However, despite the obvious potential, no record company was prepared to take the gamble of releasing any of THORAX's material properly. And as such it was no surprise that the band slowly but surely fell apart in the early 1990's. Earlier on in 2008 High Roller Records expressed the desire to release all three of THORAX's demos (15 songs in total) as a gatefold double vinyl LP, including plenty of previously unreleased pictures, info and biography. Entitled Test Of Time, THORAX's musical legacy will be unleashed to the general public at long last on November 12th 2008. All I can say is that all those into quality traditional heavy metal from the 1980's should at least check Test Of Time out!

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