HOLY DEATH - The Knight, Death And The Devil LP
HOLY DEATH - The Knight, Death And The Devil LP
HOLY DEATH - The Knight, Death And The Devil LP
HOLY DEATH - The Knight, Death And The Devil LP

HRR 033, lyric sheet, limited to 500 copies (100 red + 400 black vinyl)

Mercurius Messenger Of The Eternal Light Of Lucifer - vocals
Daren - drums and percussion
Goolary - guitars, bass and keyboards

1. Whispers Of The Soul
2. Thunder Of Revenge
3. The Battefield Act I & II
4. Riding The Hellstorms
5. Holy Death

6. Fallen Angel
7. Power From Hell (Glory Of Lucifer)
8. Standing Under The Cross
9. Lucifer
vinyl version bonus:
10. Standing Under The Cross (mix)


If you will ask anyone for Polish Metal, you will probably hear names such as Behemoth or Vader. Old fans also surely recognize classic acts such as Kat, Turbo or Lord Vader, but as they say - it's just the top of the mountain. Polish Metal scene was probably strange and maybe even exotic for many metalheads, but with no doubt, very interesting. One of the most interesting bands from Poland was surely Holy Death, build around the person of Mercurius (also known as the Necronosferatus Guardian Luciferis). Band started in 1989 as Gladiator, but quickly changed its name to Holy Death. During next few years, band released several tape and split releases, and in 1996 released the classic "Triumph Of Evil" album, which was... bootleged by the famous Head Not Found Records from Norway. Band's career was going up and down several times, band had several serious line up changes, and in 2005, their best and probably most mature release was created. "The Knight, Death And The Devil". It's so hard to find really original Black Metal albums in current times, but this album had everything you would like to find on the real Black Metal release: ancient atmosphere, already known from previous Holy Death releases. Great skills of the musicians (album was recorded with Goolary, axeman of the legendary Polish thrash metal band Hellias), and fantastic epic compositions. Of course influences from legendary acts like Bathory, Exorcist or Hellhammer are abvious over here, but of course "The Knight, Death And The Devil" has its own spirit. I'm glad that this fantastic releases was pressed on the "only one real" format, which is a vinyl album. Deserves it. Only Death is real. And only vinyl is real. Enjoy, here's one of the best Polish Black Metal albums, period.