SENTINEL BEAST - Depths of Death  LP
SENTINEL BEAST - Depths of Death  LP
SENTINEL BEAST - Depths of Death  LP
SENTINEL BEAST - Depths of Death  LP
SENTINEL BEAST - Depths of Death  LP
SENTINEL BEAST - Depths of Death LP

HRR 266, ltd 300, 100 x black vinyl + 200 x cyan blue vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, cardboard lyric insert, 2nd pressing LTD 200, transparent clear vinyl

Debbie Gunn - Vocals
Mike Spencer - Bass
Scott Awes - Drums
Mark Koyasako - Guitars
Barry Fischel - Guitars

-Depths of Death
-Dogs of War
-Evil Is the Night
-Sentinel Beast
-The Keeper
-Phantom of the Opera (Iron Maiden cover)


Hailing from Sacramento, California, Sentinel Beast was originally conceived in late 1983 by Mike Spencer on bass, the unique Debbie Gunn on vocals and Scott Awes behind the drum kit. The two guitarists Barry Fischel and Mark Koyasako completed the line up.

Sentinel Beast first released an independent demo in early 1985. The band's anthem “Sentinel Beast“ was included on the “Metal Massacre VII“ compilation album.

“Depths of Hell“ was their first and only album. It captures the very heart and soul of Sentinel Beast – from the title track's expression of fear and submission to the re-recorded version of “Sentinel Beast“. The cover version of Iron Maiden's classic Paul Di'Anno era “Phantom of the Opera“ was another highlight of the record.

At the time “Depths of Hell“ was origianlly released (via Metal Blade in the US and Roadrunner in mainland Europe), the main songwriter and spokesman for Sentinel Beast Mike Spencer confessed: “We have all the energy of a Thrash Metal band but we don't really fit into that category. Our music, although it can be very fast and furious is more melodic and thought out. When I write I am very conscious of the melody and interplay between bass and the guitars. When we recorded Maiden's 'Phantom of the Opera' it came out at 5:45 minutes. Maiden's original album version was just over 7:00 minutes.“

Debbie Gunn's rauchous and very energetic voice was another strong feature of Sentinel Beast's sound.

Long out of print, High Roller Records is proud to make “Depths of Hell“ available again to a broader public on glorious vinyl.

Matthias Mader