U.D.O. - Celebrator: Rare Tracks  DLP
U.D.O. - Celebrator: Rare Tracks  DLP
U.D.O. - Celebrator: Rare Tracks  DLP
U.D.O. - Celebrator: Rare Tracks  DLP
U.D.O. - Celebrator: Rare Tracks  DLP
U.D.O. - Celebrator: Rare Tracks DLP

HRR 253, ltd 500, 100 x white vinyl + 200 x yellow vinyl + 200 x black vinyl, gatefold cover, 4 page insert

-Stormbreaker ("Rev-Raptor" Japan Bonus)
-Tallyman (Taken from the "Rev-Raptor" recording session)
-Run! (Remix)
-Free Or Rebellion (Bonus "Leatherhead" Single)
-Bleeding Heart ("Dominator" Japan Bonus)
-The Silencer (Taken from the "Dominator" recording session)
-Bodyworld (Bonus "Infected" Single)
-Systematic Madness (Bonus "Infected" Single)
-Head Over Heels (Hammerall feat. Udo Dirkschneider)
-Balls To The Wall (Piano Version)
-Artificialized (Taken from the "Mastercutor" recording session)
-They Only Come Out At Night (Lordi feat. Udo Dirkschneider)
-Streets Of Sin (Bonus "Wrong Side Of Midnight" Single)
-Tears Of A Clown ("Classical Version")
-Man A King Ruler ("Mastercutor" Japan Bonus)
-Hardcore Lover (Remix from "24/7" - Single)
-Scream Killers (Bonus "24/7" Single)
-Platchet Soldat (Remix featuring Faktor2)
-Borderline ("Thunderball" Japan Bonus)
-Dancing With An Angel (Remix featuring Doro)
-X-T-C (Remix from "A Tribute To ACCEPT Vol. 2")
-Azrael (Remix from "No Limits")
-The Key (Remix from "No Limits" Japan Bonus)
-Metal Gods (from "A Tribute To Judas Priest")
-Born to be Wild (Raven featuring Udo Dirkschneider)


There is just no stopping Udo Dirkschneider!

On the sixth of April 2012 the voice of German Metal turned 60.

With records like “Breaker” (1981), “Restless and wild” (1982) and “Balls to the Wall” (1983) Udo Dirkschneider wrote heavy metal history. After “Metal Heart” and the disappointing “Russian Roulette” he left Solingen's finest, Accept, and formed his own band.

U.D.O.'s solo career took off in 1987 when the debut album “Animal House” was released. With “Celebrator” the band (including Udo's old Accept pal Stefan Kaufmann on guitar) celebrates its 25th anniversary in style.

The limited vinyl edition of “Celebrator” includes 25 rare and unreleased U.D.O. tracks.

There are quite a few highlights on the album. Take for example the remix version of Udo's musical liaison with Germany's metal lady no. 1, Missus Doro Pesch, performing “Dancing with the Devil”. Or Swedish metallers Hammer Fall covering Accept's classic “Balls to the Wall” era “Head over Heels” with Udo Dirkschneider on guest vocals.

“Celebrator” even features a wild piano version of “Balls to the Wall”.

Udo's pairing with Finish shock rockers Lordi is also very unusual, they are performing “They come only out at Night”.

While he was still singing for Accept, Udo Dirkschneider collaborated with New Wave of British Heavy Metal legends Raven to perform Steppenwolf's biker classic “Born to be wild” (the song was originally only released as a 7" single on Newcastle's own Neat Records back in 1983).

On “Celebrator” Udo Dirkschneider also pays tribute to his own personal heroes. His cover version of Judas Priest's legendary “Metal Gods” (from the highly acclaimed “British Steel” album) is just superb.

Matthias Mader