ASSAULTER - Salvation Like Destruction LP
ASSAULTER - Salvation Like Destruction LP
ASSAULTER - Salvation Like Destruction LP

HRR 030/ IBP048, lyric sheet, limited to 500 copies

S. Berserker - Guitars, Vox
A.C - Drums, Battery etc.

-Talon And Teeth
-The Axiom Star
-Glory Alone

-Awe Of Fire
-Vengeance Whips
-Between Gods And Men


Assaulter is an Australian two-piece band aligning with the Speed Metal tradition with a new view to kill. Formed as such in 2005 with the release of the 3-track demo "Proselytiser", Assaulter showed a stripped-down approach to Metal with a dark and epic feel. Consisting solely of S. Berserker on guitar and vocals, with the assistance of L. Bonic on the skins, it received a positive response both in Australia and overseas. With the aim of forming a solid band, AC was recruited to bash away on the drums. After some time the second demo "Omnipotent" was recorded in late 2006. With the speed angle increased, this demo is an example of what Assaulter is all about. Now, their first full-length album has just been released on High Roller Records. It is called "Salvation like Destruction" and does contain seven high-octane Thrash crushers. With song titles like "The Axiom Star", "Between Gods and Men" or "Vengeance Whips" Assaulter are ready to annihilate all competition.
S. Berserker, who played bass in the legendary Destroyer 666, talks about how the band Assaulter came into being: "It was simply an itch for me to write music again. After leaving Destroyer 666 I didn't have anything to do with music for a couple of years, I just didn't have the urge. Then, fairly suddenly, I had to start writing again." Assaulter started out as a one-man project soley consisting of S. Berserker but then things started rolling: "A mate helped on drums for the first demo. I had some primitive songs, and we lashed out in the rehearsal room a few times before laying it down. The result was simply that, three primitive songs. After that, I found AC on the run, killing to eat, and saw that he needed to be aligned with the Assaulter machine. And then there were two ..." But in order to play live, two musicians are simply not enough: "We've just recruited a lead guitarist and we're now looking for a bass player. So Assaulter will be a four piece. When we're like an armoured tank rolling, we'll hit the stage. Expect REAL fuckin' metal." Regarding the sound, Berserker does not see too many parallels between his old band Destroyer 666 and Assaulter: "I played bass for them, but that's probably where it stops. There would be some musical similarities, no doubt. The effect of a band you played in tends to rub off on you a little. But that'd be very slight." Then he talks a bit more in-depth about his time with Destroyer 666: "We had great opportunities roll our way, and at that time we took the bull by the horns and rode with it. The Netherlands was a logical place to go due to it's location and the fact that English is very commonly spoken. After 18 months or so, mine and Shrapnel's visas expired. He went to England, I came back to Australia. We got back together to do some shows here about a year later." That is all in the past now, and Assaulter is the new Australian force in raw, heavy Thrash/Speed Metal. However, Berserker is not of the opinion that his home country is very supportive of his band: "No, not really. Well not as far as Assaulter is concerned. It's difficult enough for us to get members to join, let alone have some kind of following. Of course, there are killer bands here, Urgrund, Vomitor, Shackles, Trench Hell, Nocturnal Graves etc. just to name a few, but the 'scene' seems to be getting smaller. Brisbane seems to be on the rise though."
"Salvation like Destruction" is the debut vinyl of the band. Berserker talks a bit about the songs on the album: "It features 'Proselytiser' and 'Vengeance Whips' from the second demo and 'Between Gods and Men' from the first demo. The rest are either new songs, or old ones that had never been recorded. The whole thing is a new recording. So the old songs have been injected with a new overdose of venom and spite. The artwork of the album represents the overall themes of the songs themselves. It represents man's requiem, the great icon remains standing alone after man has gone. He attacked himself under banners of gods and thus his salvation was his destruction. Essentially, on a wider scale, the title "Salvation like Destruction" stands for the plight of the weak, or the weakened under the hammer of proselytism. Faith and salvation is dished out to the confused and broken like a saving angel, though it's the devil incognito. More the fools who would die on their knees. On a personal scale, it's the 'revelation' on your death bed that all your beliefs have been in vain."
Somehow "Salvation like Destruction" reminds a little bit of early Bulldozer. Possibly not the worst band in the world to be compared with. However, Berserker sees things a bit differently: "Bulldozer? You hear what you hear. But Bulldozer aren't a direct influence, as killer as they are. DIRECT influences would be Sodom, Metallica, Mercyful Fate and Iron Maiden. Needless to say, lots of stuff can creep in, and lots of stuff is inspiring, but those bands are what influence Assaulter directly at this stage." Berserker leaves us with a promise: "We WILL play Europe and tear shreds off you. Just have to wait for the right time."

Matthias Mader