HEXX - Morbid Reality  LP
HEXX - Morbid Reality  LP
HEXX - Morbid Reality  LP
HEXX - Morbid Reality  LP
HEXX - Morbid Reality LP

HRR 240, ltd 500, cardboard lyric insert

Clint Bower - Guitars, Vocals
Dan Watson - Guitars
Bill Peterson - Bass
John Shafer - Drums

-Morbid Reality
-The Last Step
-Birds of Prey
-Blood Hunter
-Fire Mushrooms
-Persecution Experience
-Watery Graves
-Spider Jam

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The infamous Bay Area has a long and extensive Metal history. Responsible for many of Metal's most trendsetting acts (just think of Exodus, Testament, Forbidden, Heathen or Blind Illusion) for over three decades now the city by the bay has spawned some of the most innovative and exceptional talents visible ... Hexx, one of the third-generation Thrash Metal bands emerging from San Franciso, were formed in late 1984.

Their first album entitled “No Escape“ was released only in the United States of America by the legendary Shrapnel label and began shaping a steadily growing fan base for the band.

“Under the Spell“, issued a year later, made strong waves on the indepedent radio charts at the time (also in Europe).

Their third album “Quest for Sanity“ was released via Wild Rags Records (home of such acts as Bloodcum and Infamous Symphony) and marks the end of Hexx Mark I.

At that time, internal changes were taking place within the ranks of Hexx that would change the musical direction the band would follow in the future.

Founding members Bill Peterson and Dan Watson were joined by guitarist/vocalist Clint Bower and drummer John Shafer.

On the strength of a new song called “Watery Graves“ (released as an EP on Wild Rags Records), Hexx signed to Century Media Records.

The following album, 1991's “Morbid Reality“, marked Hexx's evolution from a more or less traditional US Speed/Power Metal band to a brutal, technically-inclined Thrash/Death Metal outfit. A collection of impressive, gripping material that won the band a lot of new fans.

Long out of print, High Roller Records is proud to make “Morbid Reality“ available again on glorious vinyl.

Matthias Mader