BIBLE OF THE DEVIL - For The Love Of Thugs And Fools LP
BIBLE OF THE DEVIL - For The Love Of Thugs And Fools LP
BIBLE OF THE DEVIL - For The Love Of Thugs And Fools LP
BIBLE OF THE DEVIL - For The Love Of Thugs And Fools LP
BIBLE OF THE DEVIL - For The Love Of Thugs And Fools LP

HRR 238, ltd 500, 150 x black vinyl + clear vinyls, gatefold cover, insert

Darren Amaya - Bass
Greg Spalding - Drums
Nate Perry - Guitars, Vocals
Mark Hoffmann - Vocals, Guitars

-Sexual Overture
-Out For Blood
-Raw And Order
-The Parcher
-Right In The Night
-Any Time
-Can't Turn Off The Sun
-Yer Boy
-Night Street


Bible Of The Devil are a brutal rock 'n' roll band originally formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1999. “For the Love of Thugs and Fools” is the band's sixth studio album. The limited vinyl edition of 500 copies will come out via High Roller Records. The album includes nine raging rock 'n' roll songs from the opening “Sexual Overture” to “Night Street”.
It's been four years since the last Bible Of The Devil album “Freedom Metal” has come out – and a lot has happened since. Guitarist/vocalist Nathan Perry explains: “Where to begin? We've dealt with lots of gnarly shit in our personal lives, tried to hold on to our jobs that allow us to keep this up. We didn't retire and we've been active the entire time. It hasn't been easy and honestly it really does not feel like it has been four years since the last one. I guess we're turning into the band Boston, just trying to get 'Third Stage' out. But sometimes these things take a bit longer to pull together, and hopefully the album is worth the wait.”
And indeed “For the Love of Thugs and Fools” was really worth the wait! It's one hell of an album, quite astonishing. Nathan reflects on the developments leading up to the new album: “We have developed more skills as we've played so many shows and we work better as a unit than ever before. I would say that we are certainly pretty comfortable in our own skins, enough so that we put out the album we wanted to put out. If it feels like we're heading in a more 'rock' direction, that is accurate. But who knows what we'll do next? We keep getting asked if we worship the devil so much that we may just do an entire album dedicated to sacrificing virgins next. You'll have to wait and see I guess ...”
"For the Love of Thugs and Fools" sounds like a very poetic album title, almost like something out of the Social Distortion songbook. Nathan agrees: “I guess you are right about that, it does seem poetic, but probably by accident. We wanted something that summed up the themes we're largely dealing with and that seemed to cover it. It is a lot better than our original title, 'Somewhere between Butt and Fuck.' (I am joking of course. This is the title of my solo record.)”
"For the Love of Thugs and Fools" is also quite a personal album, dealing a lot with various raw emotions … Mark Hoffmann (vocals, guitar) shares my opinion: “It is indeed very personal, in that we tried to write more lyrics about actual events in our lives, rather than take a conceptual direction as we have often done with our past work. I think we realized that our often-tumultuous lives dealing with Chicago have inspired some interesting subject matter.” However, according to Nathan, Bible Of The Devil do not like to be lumped in with all the other Chicago bands: “We are not a typical Chicago band at all. Bible Of The Devil do not fit neatly into any scene that's going on here, and we have always done our own thing. We just do it and if it feels right in the night, you will hear it. The typical Chicago band is alive for less than two years, and they do not tend to play shows too far outside of the city and suburbs, so there are literally hundreds of bands we have seen come and go in the last thirteen years that never even made a mark.” Mark adds: “There has always been a natural instinct with us to go against the grain of what is popular in the 'scene' or whatever here. When the band first started, instrumental math-rock and noise-rock were the most popular things going on in the Chicago music scene. We found that boring, so we took this direction. As far as how it is to live here, it is a big city with big city problems. There are great times to be had here, but you had better watch your back.”
There are some old Chicago bands though that have influenced Bible Of The Devil to a certain extent. “Cheap Trick has always probably been influential to all of us”, says Mark. “But they are actually from Rockford, Illinois. Not technically Chicago.” “I am a big Urge Overkill fan”, stresses Nathan. “Trouble was super important to all of us, I loved Smashing Pumpkins back in the day. There was a band called Loudmouth many years ago that was pretty inspiring to me, as far as playing heavy music.”
The band likes to surprise live audiences by playing a cover version now and then, as Nathan explains: “We love doing covers, we play them all the time actually. It gets harder as we move forward fitting them in live because with having six albums worth of songs and several singles, keeping the sets to a manageable length is tricky. We have covered Van Halen, Kiss, Manilla Road, Boz Skaggs, Rainbow, Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Trouble, Husker Du, so many over the years it's hard to remember. And those are only the ones we've done live, sometimes we will just do covers in practice if we happen to be drinking and fooling around that day ...”
Matthias Mader