SATAN'S HOST - Celebration: For the Love of Satan  DLP
SATAN'S HOST - Celebration: For the Love of Satan  DLP
SATAN'S HOST - Celebration: For the Love of Satan  DLP
SATAN'S HOST - Celebration: For the Love of Satan  DLP
SATAN'S HOST - Celebration: For the Love of Satan  DLP
SATAN'S HOST - Celebration: For the Love of Satan DLP

HRR 202, limited to 1000 copies, 100 x clear/ black splatter, 400 x transparent yellow vinyl + 500 x black vinyl, 425 gsm heavy gatefold cover, poster

Harry Conklin - vocals
Patrick Evil - guitars
Marcus Garcia - bass
Anthony Lopez - drums

-For the Love of Satan
-Metal from Hell
-Witch's Return
-Cauldron of the Ancients
-Nigtside of Eden
-Ecliptic Equinox
-The Satanic Grimoire
-The Cursing
-The Dark Priest


Following the vinyl re-release of „By the Hands of the Devil“ on High Roller Records the legendary Satan's Host are presenting their brand new studio album “Celebration: For the Love of Satan“ in a strictly limited vinyl edition including gatefold cover and poster. Therewith Harry Conklin (vocals), Patrick Evil (guitars), Marcus Garcia (bass) and Anthony Lopez (drums) prove once and for all that the band is much more than a mere side project.
Drummer Anthony Lopez comments on “Celebration: For the Love of Satan“: “We didn't want to just put out rehashed songs with Harry singing, we wanted to create the album from scratch and approach it like we do any new album so that fans can have new music from Satan's Host. We have never been a fan of compilation albums, we want the fans to have something special that no other bands do. We went all out in the selection of songs, plus added a few new songs, to give the fans new Satan's Host music to crank up and let their ears bleed. We wanted to reward the fans with a very special album like none they have ever heard before! 'For the Love of Satan' and 'Convictions' are the two brand new songs on the album.“
Guitarist Patrick can't decide wheter it was difficult for Satan's Host to choose which songs to re-record: “In a way yes and in a way no. We have so many songs, it was very difficult to make a decision on which songs to pick, so what we did was to just jam as a band and see what felt comfortable together, I’m sure in hindsight we could have chosen a couple of other songs, but all in all we are very happy with how it came out.“
Anthony thinks the same: “Yes and no. Patrick had a good idea for the majority of the songs that would go on, but there are always the gems that get left behind, so I would say the last couple that made the cut were the most difficult to overcome, we knew we wanted at least one song from every album up to 'Power~Purity~Perfection … 999'.“
Patrick views the album more as a new studio album than an introduction for new fans of the band: “I view the album as a brand new album, being that regarding many of the songs we made a conscious decision to rewrite parts so that when the listener plays the album they get a completely different feel than what was recorded before.“ Anthony sees it from another perspective: “I view it as a testament and celebration to the 25 years since the release of 'Metal from Hell', plus gaining new fans and new listeners is not bad either.“
The album artwork is really cool and reminds me a bit of the early works of Morbid Angel. Patrick explains: “We used Chris Moyen for most of the artwork, the cover, and most of the inner workings and Joe Petagno came up with a new symbol and logo for the band, it was an honour to work with these gentlemen.“ Anthony adds: “World famous Satanic artist Chris Moyen did the majority of the artwork on the new album, including the cover. Joe Petagno who usually does all our album covers for the last five or so albums, did the new upside down cross.“
Both, Patrick and Anthony, stress that Mister Harry Conklin is now a full member of Satan's Host. Patrick: “Yes, Harry is a full fledged member of Satan’s Host with contributions and ideas going into all the works that we create. Since the demise of his former bands, it seems Harry has found new life within the realms of Satan’s Host, and whenever we play live Harry will always be the frontman.“ Anthony adds: “Harry has been a full member since before we went to perform for the KIT XIII festival last year in early 2010, any future performance of Satan’s Host will have Harry out front, we have big plans for the future, we are ecstatic with the line up we have now, and we are gearing up to put more Satan’s Host music out, this is just the beginning!“
So was it just a coincidence that Jag Panzer has split up very recently
and Harry has moved to Satan's Host for good? Or has he sort of left Jag
Panzer to join Satan's Host? Patrick gets rid of some misconceptions: “I believe it all came to full circle after the recording of 'By the Hands of the Devil' and Harry was able to take full advantage of the different colors of his voice within this band. We let Harry have the freedom to explore and create new sounds that give Harry new horizons to explore within music, as for Jag Panzer it seems to myself that they never really took full advantage of what Harry is capable of doing, so was it Satan’s Host that brought demise to Jag Panzer? In a way yes, and in a way no, we had no dealings with their business, that was between Jag Panzer and Harry, but it is in my belief Harry fits with Satan’s Host eternally.“ Anthony takes over: “Jag Panzer’s break up has nothing to do with Satan’s Host, two totally different entities, as mentioned earlier, Harry has been a full time member of the Host since early 2010, maybe the end of 2009, so any rumor or any story about him leaving Jag Panzer or their break up because of Satan’s Host is untrue, it was a surprise to us and we had no clue that was going to happen, that’s Harry’s business with them, nothing to do with Satan’s Host.“
Satan's Host was one of the first bands in the Black Metal/Satanic Metal genre. Do Patrick and Anthony listen to newer bands like Dissection, Darkthrone, Gorgoroth or Waitan? Patrick does: “I like all those bands. I believe they all have an original feeling within their circles, and that’s what I look for when listening to new music. It just seems that a lot of music has become stale and it is real refreshing when you hear a band that forges out their own sound, so when you put on their music, it is instantly recognizable. I think bands should strive to create their own signature sound and not copy what has been done before.“ Anthony agrees: “I have total respect and am a big fan of these bands. Personally for myself I listen to mostly old school timeless Metal, the classics. I like certain Black Metal bands, Death Metal, traditional, Classic Rock, and an array of other styles that have nothing to do with Rock or Metal. I’m attracted to what speaks to my primal, you can tell true music that has specialness to it because it is rare anymore, there is so much garbage out in the world today, that it is easy to tell the difference from something straight from the heart and something that is created to round up the sheep.“
Satan's Host had a fair share of of line up changes throughout their career. Was that a special burden for the band? Patrick doesn't think so: “No, I don’t believe that, I think probably what has held us back more than anything is that we are real, we are not trying to please anybody, we are doing music from our hearts and I think people within the industry are afraid to unleash this beast in fear that they will forever be shunned in the eyes of religious dogma, to me it is laughable that people live in such fear.“ Anthony: “It got us to where we are today, the band had a special line up in the beginning, and had some good line ups over the years also, things change, people change, certain members had their own hidden agendas, but the ones with the true spirit of the idea of Satan’s Host are who remain and have conquered on. Patrick created a signature sound and vision, and for someone to come in and try to alter that sound and vision, has no business being in Satan’s Host, that’s the true essence of the band's existence, and what we have now is the most powerful line up that lives up to legend.“
Matthias Mader