JAG PANZER - Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat  DLP
JAG PANZER - Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat  DLP
JAG PANZER - Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat  DLP
JAG PANZER - Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat  DLP
JAG PANZER - Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat DLP

HRR 208, limited to 500 copies, gatefold cover, 150 x "deep purple" vinyl + 350 x black vinyl

Harry Conklin - Vocals
Mark Briody - Guitar
Chris Broderick Guitars
John Tetley - Bass
Rikard Stjernquist - Drums

-Reign of the Tyrants
-Eyes of the Night
-The Church
-Metal Melts the Ice
-Fallen Angel
-Battle Zones
-Tower of Darkness
-Licensed to Kill
-Generally Hostile
-The Watching
-She Waits
-Edge of Blindness
-Spirit Suicide
-Iron Shadows
-Black Sunday
-Symphony of Terror
-Death Row
-The Crucifix

purple vinyl SOLD OUT
black vinyl AVAILABLE

After “Thane to the Throne”, the successful concept album on William Shakespeare's “Macbeth” (released in 2000) and its follow up “Mechanized Warfare” (issued a year later in 2001), US Metal gods Jag Panzer took a little time out. Their 2003 release “Decade of the Nail-spiked Bat” was, as the title already suggests, not a regular new studio album. The album was originally only released as a double CD (no vinyl) via Century Media in Germany. More and more fans had asked the band to make their legendary “Ample Destruction” and “Tyrants” material available again. And this was Jag Panzer's way out: They re-recorded a lot of their classic material like “Reign of the Tyrants”, “Battle Zones”, “Death Row” or “Iron Shadows”.
Guitarist Mark Briody explains the reasoning behind "Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat" in his own words: “We wanted to release our older material but we didn’t have the rights to it. Re-recording the songs was the only way we could do this. Century Media were the ones that suggested re-recording the music since we couldn’t re-issue the songs.” There was a simple way for the band to approach the new recordings of old songs: “We recorded each song the same way we would play them live nowadays. Usually they were very similar but there are some small differences.” Even the selection of the material was very much straight-forward: “We made a list of what songs our fans like and then we added in a few songs that we wanted to record.”
At first there were rumors that Jag Panzer would re-record their classic “Tyrants” EP in its original form and song order but in the end this was not to be the case: “No, we re-recorded some songs from that, but it’s not in its original form.” Plus they re-recorded most of the tracks from “Ample Destruction” for “Decade of the Nail-spiked Bat”. In addition to that, the retrospective album contains some bootleg recordings and rare demos. Mark Briody explains: “That would only be ‘The Tower of Darkness’ which was a re-recording of the first song we ever wrote as a band.” The album did not follow a strict chronological approach at all but the songs were put together in an order that the band thought “would flow well”.
"Decade of the Nail-Spiked Bat" even contains some material from "Dissident Alliance", possibly the Jag Panzer album least liked by their fans. “Most people hated it, so that’s a fair statement”, is what Mark Briody makes of "Dissident Alliance" looking back on it. Nevertheless, in his heart of hearts he thinks that "Dissident Alliance" was not as bad an album as a lot of people made it. Mark is of the opinion that some of the songs work quite well in combination with the old material: “I think they do. I liked hearing the 'Dissident Alliance' songs with Harry singing them.”
Matthias Mader