HRR 203, limited to 500 copies, 350 x "piss" yellow + 150 x black vinyl, cardboard lyric insert

Matt Butcher - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Oli Whiskey - Lead Guitar
Jesse Mamano - Bass
Phil Macht - Drums

1.Intoxication 101 (Intrumental)
3.Catastrophic Violence
5.Pounding Metal (Exciter Cover)
6.The Chamber
7.Liquid Thrash
8.Drink Beer... Or Die Trying
9.Break The Wall
10.Wasted (All The Time)
11.Coma (Intrumental) (Vinyl Bonus Track)


Antichrist, Dr. Living Dead, Baphomet's Blood, Razor, Tankard, Beehler � the list of world-class Thrash Metal acts on High Roller Records is long. Alcoholator from Montreal in Canada are the newest Thrash hopefuls. They formed roughly two years ago as guitarist/singer Matt Butcher explains: �We started out in January 2010. We wrote some tracks, played a lot of shows, released a demo and just tried to get noticed. It didn't work that bad so far! 'Coma' is our first official album but we did record a demo previously that we never released on CD or anything, we just shared it to the world for free, as we believe the more people hear it, the better! That demo was called 'Drunker Than Thou'.� As you already expected, with song titles such as �Liquid Thrash�, �Drink Beer � Or Die Trying� and �Wasted (All The Time)� Alocoholator are not a straight edge band. Matt talks about the band's topics: �It's half and half. Some songs are about alcohol, some others are about torturing people, others about testing methods of killing them and others are about sleeping with the wrong chick. Ha, ha. We like to keep a little bit of variety!� So calling Alcoholator the Canadian answer to Tankard might be a tiny bit misleading � Matt agrees: �Of course it's the same kind of concept, but our music is very different to theirs and we don't ONLY talk about beer. Don't get me wrong, we love Tankard, but I wouldn't see ourselves as the Canadian answer to them! I think we are more influenced by bands such as Razor, Exodus, S.O.D., Kreator, Anthrax and Destruction than Tankard!�
The Boston Hardcore band Gang Green is another "drinking band" which springs to my mind. In how far were Gang Green an influence on Alcoholator? �Not very much�, finds Matt Butcher. �They're a fun band tho! I like their song 'Alcohol'. 'You've got the beer, we've got the time, you got the coke, do me a line!' Sounds like something we could write ha, ha!� In contrast to the Boston gang though, Alcoholator's taste is not limited to beer, they consume: �Beer, whiskey and scotch! Bitburger, Grolsch, Guiness, Beck's and Heineken (ha, just kidding). We usually prefer local microbreweries tho, we have some really good ones over here. Pump House IPA from Moncton, Canada!�
As mentioned earlier, there are a couple of other Thrash Metal bands on High Roller Records, e.g. Antichrist, Dr. Living Dead, Undergang, Beehler and Baphomet's Blood. However, Matt is not familiar with all of them: �I only know Dr. Living Dead and Beehler! Pretty damn good bands, especially Beehler. Of course I'm a big Exciter fan so I was really stoked when I learned Dan had put a new band together! I saw them in Montreal a couple of years back and it was SO good! Kudos to High Roller Records for releasing this one!� �Coma� features a cool cover version of Exciter's �Pounding Metal� classic. So is Exciter the "most important Canadian Metal band of all time"? Or is that Anvil? Matt Butcher: �I don't think I'd call them that. A very influential Canadian band, yes. ABSOLUTELY. But they took the wrong path after 'Long Live The Loud' in my opinion � and it was never the same after that. The most influential Canadian Metal band overall would have to be Voivod. But personally, I pick Razor.�
Montreal is the capital of French-speaking Canada with quite a healthy Metal scene (although maybe not as big as Toronto's). Matt describes: �The Metal scene here is alright, there's a lot of technical Death Metal which I'm not too fond of personally, but there's a couple of Thrash and Heavy Metal bands which I like. Metalian being the better one, check them out! There used to be a much better Metal scene here, with bands such as Voivod and DBC, and they are still active!�
Matthias Mader