IGNITOR - Road Of Bones  LP
IGNITOR - Road Of Bones  LP
IGNITOR - Road Of Bones LP

HRR 023/ FEM 004, limited to 500 copies, bonus 7", 4 page insert

Erika - Vocals
Annah Moore - Lead Guitar
Stuart Laurence - Lead Guitar
Brendon Bigelow - Bass
Pat Doyle - Drums
Beverly Barrington - Lead Guitar*

Death on the Road (intro)
- Road of Bones
- Scarlet Enigma
- March to the Guillotine
- God of Vengeance
- Wings of the Blackheart
- Hymn of Erin
- Phoenix
- Broken Glass
- Castle in the Clouds

- Reinheitsgebot (German Version)
- Reinheitsgebot (Englisch Version*)


With "Road of Bones" Ignitor from Austin in Texas have just released their second album on vinyl (catalogue number HRR 023/FEM 004, strictly limited to 500 copies). The album will have a four-page insert and includes a bonus 7" single with the song "Reinheitsgebot" in two versions (with English and German lyrics). The superb cover artwork has been done by no other than Joe Petagno, famous for his work with Motörhead.
"Road of Bones" (consisting of 50+ minutes of bona fide traditional Metal) is the follow-up to "Take to the Sky", which some have described as a demo recording. Bassist Brendon Bigelow thinks in similar terms: "I personally have always considered it as something of an 'EP'. Here in the States people don't seem to care about the concept of an 'album' anymore. People can go to their favourite online music retailer and buy just the songs they want. I'm used to that mentality. When 'Take to the Sky' came out, though ... We did find that in Europe, people were very interested in the answer to this question and very much still wanted whole albums. Thus we tried to give them that with 'Road of Bones'. We set out to make a full-length album with top notch cover art and the whole mess." Which they did indeed ... Asked for the differences between "Take to the Sky" and "Road of Bones" Brendon has this to say: "The first is deffinitely a true statement of what we are. I really like it. I love the songs and the performances a lot. The second album is just more in-depth, I think. We had a bigger budget, more material, and a new lyrical muse. It was a much bigger undertaking. I love the songs and everybody's parts are great. And, I like that it's different from 'Take to the Sky'. Who wants to make the same record over and over?" Who would deny that? It is an open secret that Ignitor's line-up is in a bit of a turmoil at the time of writing. The band still hasn't found a new singer, and while rhythm guitarist Beverly Barrington has retuned to the fold, Erika and Annah have both left. Brendon explains: "Erika was not happy with what we were doing and had not been for some time." And Annah? "She was given a better professional oppourtunity that enabled her to be closer to her family. We wish her all the best. She was definitely a big part of 'Road of Bones' and will always be a part of Ignitor in spirit." Luckily, at least Beverly found her way back to Ignitor: "We tried a few people out to replace Annah. Beverly was definitely the best candidate. She helped to define our style in the early days. So, when we heard her playing with us again ... It instantly felt very familliar in a good way."
At the moment, Ignitor can only be reached via their myspace site, as their really brilliant own website closed down a while ago: "We are trying to re-tool the band at the moment. We were somewhat broken there for a bit. Once we are back to full strength with all our members in place, the home page will go back up."

Matthias Mader (Iron Pages)