SATAN'S HOST - By the Hands of the Devil  DLP
SATAN'S HOST - By the Hands of the Devil  DLP
SATAN'S HOST - By the Hands of the Devil  DLP
SATAN'S HOST - By the Hands of the Devil  DLP
SATAN'S HOST - By the Hands of the Devil  DLP
SATAN'S HOST - By the Hands of the Devil DLP

HRR 195, limited to 1000 copies, 100 x solid gold vinyl, 400 x blood red vinyl + 500 x black vinyl, 425 gsm heavy gatefold cover, poster

Harry Conklin - vocals
Patrick Evil - guitars
Marcus Garcia - bass
Anthony Lopez - drums

- By the Hands of the Devil
- Shades of the Unlight
- Demontia
- Before the Flame
- Bleeding Hearts of the Damned
- Black Hilted Knife
- Revival
- Fallen Angel
- Inferior Worlds
- Norwegian Wood (The Beatles cover)
- House of the Rsing Sun (Bonus track)


Well, Satan's Host are a legend – that's for sure. “Metal from Hell“, originally issued in 1986 and bootlegged numerous times, is a landmark US Metal album. As any self-respecting Metal fan will know, vocalist Harry Conklin (aka Leviathan Thisiren) was also singing for the mighty Jag Panzer (who have just very recently split up for good). Probably due to Conklin's involvement with the band, Satan's Host was merely seen as a Jag Panzer side project by a lot of people. However, drummer Anthony Lopez thinks this is far from the truth: “The band never was a side project. The band was formed as a new band, it always makes us laugh because we have never said anywhere the band was ever a side project. That came about from the media, Satan's Host is and always will be a true band! We never really paid attention to Jag Panzer fans making that connection, because our goal was to create something new that no one had ever heard before. We feel proud that all the fans have grown our legacy unto legendary status.“
Whatever way you look at it: “Metal from Hell“ was received well by the fans and the media but somehow the band activities came to a halt. Satan's host reformed in 1993: “It took us time to get interest and support to get our music out to the masses. We recorded 'In Articulo Mortis' in 1994 and then 'Archidoxes of Evil'. It took time to get people behind us to release those albums.“ Apparently, this was all to get the band back on track. Since 1999 Satan's Host have released another seven albums: „Yeah, we are going to put out as many albums as we can until we can't do it anymore. We feel a sense of urgency and we have limitless ideas, so we will be pushing the envelope in what we do, which to us seems to be lost in modern music.“
In 2010 Satan's Host appeared live in Germany for the first time at the Keep
It True XIII festival. Anthony Lopez: „Yes, that was the first time we went to Germany, together we plan on going all around the world, we will not rest until the band is a household name!“
All in all, Satan's Host is and always has been a very active live unit: “We lose count how many tours and shows we have done in the States; we plan to do as many as we can to get the music out to the masses! Even after 'Metal from Hell' we did many shows with other bands like Possessed, Dark Angel, Voi Vod and Kreator and many others. Those were great times, we have rare footage of a lot of those shows we plan to release in the future on DVD!“
"By the Hands of the Devil" is the first Satan's Host album to see a vinyl release on High Roller Records. Anthony Lopez comments on the album: “Every time we go to record a new album, we do our best to make it even more epic than the last, so in all our albums we feel very proud of what we have created. We want our music to be timeless, so now and fifty years from now it still stands on its own. It is the first album since 'Metal from Hell' to be issued on vinyl.“
There are two very unusual cover versions on the album: “Well, we did 'House of the Rising Sun' on the 'Midnight Wind' and the 'Norwegian Wood' cover came about as the other being folklore from the early days of the Black Metal movement and we thought it was a great feel and fit for the band, we wanted to make it a bonus track!“
Do Satan's Host think that "Metal from Hell" was an inspiration for the first wave of Norwegian Black Metal bands? Those guys always cite Venom and Bathory as influences but I detect a lot of Satan's Host in some of them also … Anthony reflects: “It is possible Satan's Host has been one of the most underground bands out there and we have never done anything that has not been from the heart and what we believe in. We do what we want without compromise. We are Satan's Host!“
A lot has been made in the past of the band's lyrics. Are they taken to be 100% earnest or do they only reflect a certain “Satanic image“. Now Satan's Host have the opportunity to set the record straight: “We write what interests us and we put what we believe in the songs. We take what we do to heart, we don't want to preach to people, we do what interests us, we rarely talk in public about our beliefs. We think the name of the band and what we do on our albums speaks for itself. People always want to assume the true hearts of Metal know where we come from!“
Matthias Mader