REVEAL - Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth  LP
REVEAL - Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth  LP
REVEAL - Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth  LP
REVEAL - Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth  LP
REVEAL - Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth LP

HRR 161, limited to 500 copies, 100 x gold vinyl + woven patch + 400 x black vinyl, lyric sheet

Ghost - vocals
Spine - Electric Guitar
Viusiudad - Bass Guitar
Temple - Drums

-Under The Temple
-Flowers & Bones
-Nocturn Of Eyes & Teeth
-Blue Demon


There is no doubt that Uppsala in Sweden is the country’s new capital of Heavy Metal – way before past centres such as Stockholm or Gothenburg. The newest band already making some headway in the underground is called Reveal. Vocalist Ghost and bassist Viusiudad try to explain why Uppsala has so much new Metal talent: “We do not really know why, but it is a phenomenon. Not only because there are a lot of bands for such a small town; more so because of the quality of the bands. We got Uppsala Metal of Death (Invidious, Degial, Graveless), In Solitude and Watain. To make such powerful music something more is required, something that can't really be put in words, some inner fire ...” Reveal surely do possess this inner fire, all musicians are still in their teens. Their drummer Temple is the brother of Noctum’s sticksman, however, both bands have not shared a stage as yet. Whereas Noctum is more or less traditional old-school Doom Metal, I would rather classify Reveal as Death/Thrash/Black Metal. Reveal themselves are not very fond of categories: “We do not know if it ‘correctly’ fits in to any genre. We call it either ‘Black Metal’ or simply ‘Rock’. It is up to the listener to decide. We have no direct influences, nothing like ‘let's make a Slayer-sounding riff!’ But whatever we as individuals listen to, will have an impact on the music. Probably our number one influence would be The Doors, because we are all huge The Doors freaks.”
Before Reveal, there was a band called Waster, but Ghost and Viusiudad don’t see a strong connection between the two: “All material (two demos) recorded with Waster is quite different to what Reveal is. We decided to change the name because the gap between Waster's material and the new songs became very big. We wanted a fresh start and point out the difference of what it was about then and what it is about now. Basically Reveal is a renaissance of Waster - a rebirth.” Reveal has not appeared live as yet, but: “Waster did two shows which can be considered ‘close’ to what Reveal is. But we did some gigs with Waster when we where younger. I have no exact number but around 10-15. The venues where all around the Uppsala area.”
Reveal’s lyrics are all about liberation, as Ghost and Viusiudad explain: “Our lyrics are poetry - decorative words arranged with the sole purpose of revealing grand thoughts in the listener’s head. In this case, music is a language; it will trigger emotions, simulate situations and create insight, if you let it.
Try to listen ‘beyond’ the words. The lyrics are of a darker kind, and deal with such themes - death is always here.”
Reveal were already asked to appear at some prestigious European festivals but they have not taken up any offers: “We will appear on stage, when and where is still uncertain.” Nevertheless, there is already strong demand for the debut album “Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth” to be released on High Roller Records. Ghost and Viusiudad comment: “We have contact with a few devout fans. Apart from that we have no greater insight concerning the interest in our vinyl. We haven’t had much attention beyond the city lines of Uppsala in the past. We hope that extreme, genuine and powerful rock music should gather quite a number of fans.”
Matthias Mader