ASSAULTER - Boundless  LP
ASSAULTER - Boundless  LP
ASSAULTER - Boundless  LP
ASSAULTER - Boundless  LP
ASSAULTER - Boundless LP

HRR 159, limited to 500 copies, 100 x red/ white splatter + 400 x black vinyl, cardboard lyric insert

S. Berserker - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
T. Hellfinder - Lead Guitars
Peter Hunt - Drums

-Into Submission
-Slave to King
-The Perpetual War
-Exalt the Master
-Dying Day
-The Great Subterfuge


Australian thrashers Assaulter are following their High Roller debut “Salvation like Destruction” with a new album called “Boundless”. “Boundless” orginally came out on CD via Poison Tongue, who are somehow connected to Metal Blade, as guitarist/singer S. Beserker explains: “Well, how to answer this? Poison Tongue is kind of like a sub-label to Metal Blade. It was Nemtheanga’s (of Primordial) idea to start a label that could be linked to Metal Blade which could expose some underground bands a little more. So essentially, it is like a collaboration between Poison Tongue and Metal Blade, and yeah, it will be released in both Europe and North America via Metal Blade. Release date for the CD is the 14th of March 2011. No press reaction as yet. We’ll see soon enough.” When asked for the main differences between "Salvation like Destruction" and "Boundless" Mister Beserker explains: “Better songs. Better sound. Better execution. A solid line-up came together for ‘Boundless’, and with the heavy hitting drums and a tonne of great lead guitar the songs were allowed to really stand out. We worked hard on our arrangements and made sure our chops were fuckin’ nailed, and a lot of time was spent on the song-writing. Essentially, though it sounds cliché, this is by far the best Assaulter release, in every way.” Beserker was not really that pleased when the press labelled their debut a thrash album: “'Salvation like Destruction' was essentially labeled a 'thrash' album at the time, which didn't sit comfortably with me. I mean, there was thrash on there, but there was also notches of straight up heavy metal too - from fast, to mid-paced, to epic sprawl. This is something that has been realised a lot more on 'Boundless'. We've thrown in more heavy metal hook and melody, whilst keeping it dirty and, most importantly, aggressive. What our main aim was, was just to do a fuckin' METAL album. A pure Metal album, true to the spirit of the music. You can tag it whatever sub-genre you want, but at the end of the day, what we have is pure Metal LP.” Originally, Assaulter was a two-man project, the new album has been recorded by three musicians but S. Beserker ultimately envisages Assaulter as a four-piece: “Well, I play the rhythm guitar and spit the venom, and Hellfinder is the lead guitarist. It is essentially our band. Bass was handled by myself for the recording, but we need to find a bass player, and now a drummer, as P. Hunt informed he was only doing session. Assaulter is supposed to be a four-piece. We'll get there ...” Nevertheless Assaulter has been influenced stylistically by some classic three-piece bands: “Yeah, well, you'd have to say Motörhead. That goes without saying. Sodom, just because I'm a Sodom nut. But yeah, I guess ultimately Motörhead. The things is, Assaulter recorded this album as a three-piece, but we have, and will play live as a four-piece.” After “Salvation like Destruction” Assaulter appeared live on stage: “Two shows - with Destruktor, Gospel of the Horns and some others. But the main priority at the start of last year was to get working on the material for 'Boundless'. Also, the line-up has changed since those shows, so we have more shows to play in Australia this year. Next year we'll come to Europe. This is a definite.”
The reations to "Salvation like Destruction" were divided, as S. Beserker explains: “Either really great, or really fucking terrible. It seems to be a love/hate album. The people who are into it, are REALLY into it, those that aren't dismiss it as a piece of shit. Whatever, either way. The songs, for the most part are there, but the execution, and minimal (i.e. fuck-all) budget we had for it hindered it as well. It is what it is.”
Lyrically, Beserker attempts to match the aggression of Assaulter’s music: “There are certainly themes that can tie in from song to song - power, propaganda, all peppered with some healthy anti-Christian spite. The inspiration for some of the themes are, naturally, from things that really fuckin' piss me off. There's a lot of shit that fucks me off! Having said all that, I don't like really talking about lyrics, I think they are quite clear on this album as to what they may be alluding to or representing, and even if they may not be overtly clear to some, I'll leave it up to their interpretations. Get from it what you will!”
Matthias Mader