MERCILESS DEATH - Sick Sanctities  LP
MERCILESS DEATH - Sick Sanctities  LP
MERCILESS DEATH - Sick Sanctities  LP
MERCILESS DEATH - Sick Sanctities  LP
MERCILESS DEATH - Sick Sanctities LP

HRR 130, limited to 500 copies, 150 x red/ black splatter vinyl + 350 x black vinyl, cardboard lyric sheet

Grzegorz Miszuk - Vocals, Drums
Marek Zak - Bass
Mariusz Zdrodowski - Guitar
Jaroslaw Figaszewski - Guitar

-The Sanctuary
-The Victim
-Power of Destiny
-River of Blood
-No Mercy
-Mirror of Inferno
-Ritual of the Black Host 2
-Sick Sanctities


The thrird and final recording of Polish Death/Thrash legend. 1993's "Sick Sanctities" bring nine tracks merging the raw power of early Slayer, massive sound of Morbid Angel from "Blessed Are The Sick" era, some Metallica styled acoustic parts here and there and overall perfect, diabolic vocals.It is definitely the most mature and musically challenging material of Meciless Death, full of rythm changes, tempo twists and perfect mood balance it showed the incredible potential of the band. Pity that it was the last material of a legend that Mercilless
Death will always remain. The reissue contains live bonus tracks. An ultimate homage to the Legend Of The Underground!!!!"


It's 1984 in Szczecin, Poland. Two schoolmates, Bogdan Zakrzewski and Grzegorz Miszuk obsessed with heavy metal music decide to form a band. Soon, Jacek Chełstowski joins in, as he is now the proud owner of a new drum kit. For most of the time, the three are rehearsing in private flats for the joy of all the neighbors, and are learning basic musicianship by playing cover songs. Meanwhile, they are joined by Jacek's friend and bassist Marek Żak and the guitarist Dariusz Domosud. The lineup now consists of Jacek "Boston" Chełstowski on drums, Dariusz "Żyleta" Domosud on guitar, Grzegorz "Wiechu" Miszuk on vocals, Bogdan "Bodzio" Zakrzewski on guitar, and Marek "Żaku" Żak on bass. To the relief of the neighbors, the band rents a rehearsing place. They choose the name Bloody Prince and begin to write their own songs. The major event in Bloodies' short existence is audition for Jarocin 86 Rock Festival that turned out to be a complete disaster as the stage fright
caused by the first contact with professional show prevented them from finishing any of the songs in their set.

In fall of 1986, Darek Domosud gets drafted to the Polish army and is forced to leave the band. At first, his departure brings down all the remaining band mates, but it turns out to be a beginning of something entirely new. New guitarist, Paweł Kasiarz, joins in and turns out to be the right man at the right place, being the oldest in the band, which meant also lot more experience and musicianship. The band drops off the previous material, a heavy metal in it's classic form, for what now conquers the metal world. The era of brutal thrash/death metal has just begun, and the band is one of the first to follow that way. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to keep up with ferocious speed and sheer force of the new tracks. Jacek Chełstowski is soon replaced by Józef "Cygan" Kuśmierek, formerly known from Kac Gigant Band, Szwadron Archanioła Gabriela, and lately in Egzekuthor; however, despite his great skills and talent, he also does not stay for too long. Band's bad luck, fortunately, does not last for long as it turns out, that the truly insane drummer Norbert "Johny" Różański is unemployed and is looking for the right band. He stays immediately after first practice. Now nothing more was needed to conquer the world in the name of metal!

During summertime of 1987 the band played a gig under Necrophobic moniker as the Bloody Prince seemed too soft and cheesy comparing to the new music. Then, for a few bottles of wine and a few pints of beer, the guys take over the name after Johny's former band. The only one possible. MERCILESS DEATH! Soon more new songs are ready and in fall of 1987 the band decides to put out a demo tape. In Youth Culture Center Słowianin, in improvised studio, they record their debut demo "Eternal Condemnation" which is released by the band itself with great help form the long time friend, Wojciech Rybak. The tape quickly becomes popular in the underground and forms very strong fan base. This brings Merciless Death to major metal festivals in Poland, such as Sthrashydło, Shark Attack, or Thrash Camp. Also, they send the tape for band competition to Metalmania 88, the biggest metal festival in country, and wins the first place. But, after additional jury audition, it turns out that Merciless Death cannot play on the festival because the mayor of the city Katowice, where festival is taking place, has forbiden all the "Satan-worshiping" bands from playing, and Merciless Death is considered One. The truth is that the use of Satanism in band's lyrics is a big metaphor, a way to express their frustration, and many others, with communist reality of late 80's in Poland. But for the government, the theory of Satanic cult was very useful as a weapon against rebellious youth. The disappointment is big, but still not big enough to stop the band from playing on Jarocin '88 and lots of gigs in almost every major city in Poland. Springtime of 1988 brings the departure of Johny due to personal reasons. To fulfill earlier concert obligations, Wiechu, volunteers to temporarily take over drum sticks. Amazingly, in short time of three months he learns to play drums and sing at the same time for all parts of the material. He wasn't as much of a drum animal as Johny, but good enough to let the band play gigs and work on new material. The bad luck continues as Wiechu is also drafted to army in fall of 1988. For Bodzio and Kasiarz it is way too much. They now need the drummer and the singer, and at that time in Szczecin there is no one available who would be able to match the high standard set by the two former band members. In springtime 1989, the guys receive invitation for another Metalmania festival audition from Metal Mind Productions, but this time it is supposed to be only formality they were assured by organizers of the festival. It is also only remaining hope for the band to break through and to continue their efforts as professional
musicians. However, Wiechu does not get the permission from military to go and play on audition, and this was proverbial "nail in the coffin" for the band. Bodzio and Kasiarz make a decision to seek better life in the West, and therefore, to put Merciless Death to eternal rest. Kasiarz quickly followed by Bodzio leave the country to end up living in the USA. Merciless Death disbanded ultimately leaving great unused potential and unsatisfied hunger for their music.

Based on memories of
Grzegorz "Wiechu" Miszuk "