TANKARD - Disco Destroyer  LP
TANKARD - Disco Destroyer  LP
TANKARD - Disco Destroyer  LP
TANKARD - Disco Destroyer  LP
TANKARD - Disco Destroyer  LP
TANKARD - Disco Destroyer LP

HRR 117, 4 page lyric insert, limited to 750 copies, 100 x clear/ red colour in colour vinyl, 300 x red + 350 x black vinyl

Andreas "Gerre" Geremia (Vocals)
Frank Thorwarth (Bass)
Andy Bulgaropulos (Guitar)
Olaf Zissel (Drums)

-Serial Killer
-Hard Rock Dinosaur
-Queen of Hearts
-Mr. Superlover
-Tankard Roach Motel
-Another Perfect Day
-Death By Whips
-Face of the Enemy
-Splendid Boyz
-Disco Destroyer
-Fast Taker


High Roller Records is extremely proud to announce a complete set of five Tankard vinyl re-releases. Originally only released on CD, “Kings Of Beer”, “B-Day”, “Beast Of Bourbon”, “The Beauty And The Beast” and “Disco Destroyer” will get the full High Roller vinyl treatment. “We heard a lot of good things about the high-quality vinyl releases of High Roller”, says Gerre, singer of German Thrash legend Tankard. “We are very happy about the fact that those albums will see the light of day on vinyl and will help as much as we could.”
“Disco Destroyer” is the first Tankard album to be released on vinyl via High Roller Records. The record was originally put out by Century Media as a compact disc in 1998. Gerre nods: “Yes, ‘Disco Destroyer’ was released in the year 1998. However, it was not our first album for Century Media. In 1996, they had issued ‘Himbeergeist zum Frühstück’ which was the second Tankwart album. So ‘Disco Destroyer’ was, technically speaking, our second release for Century Media.” Talking of Tankwart, Tankard’s German Schlager side project, does Gerre think that Tankwart somehow overshadowed the career of Tankard in those days? Andreas Geremia, that’s his full name, does not take long to answer: “No, I would not think so at all. It was a side project, a fun thing, but Tankard always was our main priority. We only ever played a couple of Tankwart shows in those days but integrated one or two Tankwart songs into regular Tankard gigs.”
How did the switch from Noise Records to Century Media come about for the band? Gerre knows: “Very simple. Our old contract with Noise was coming to an end and we wanted to try out something new. If I remember correctly, we had self-financed the second Tankwart album and offered it to different companies. In the end we went with Century Media.” “Two-faced” was Tankard’s try to get “serious” and move away a bit from their fun-image. Did the fans accept the “new face of Tankard”? Die-hard Eintracht Frankfurt supporter Gerre muses: “We did choose a more ‘serious’ album title to get rid of our fun image, that is true up to a certain point. However, the fans did not really buy into that. That is why we are sort of making fun of our own image today. Nevertheless, musically speaking ‘Two-faced’ was a really strong album.”
So let’s talk about “Disco Destroyer” then. Gerre explains: “Whereas ‘The Tankard’ was one of our most melodic albums, ‘Disco Destroyer’ was going back to the roots. It also was the last album of our guitarist Andy Bulgaropulos. At this point in time, we did not know what would happen with Tankard after Andy. We did not have a replacement for him when we recorded the album. We worked with Harris Johns again, as we had over the last twelve years. With ‘Death By Whips’ we had re-recorded an old Tankard demo song for the very first time. That was a lot of fun, especially for me, as the original lyrics were totally useless. The title track was composed right there in the studio, another first for Tankard as a band. It was a joke song. I recorded the vocals for ‘Disco Destroyer’ right at the end and can still vividly remember how I was giving it my very best, full throttle. There are a couple of really good songs on the album, ‘Serial Killer’ and ‘’Queen of Hearts’ for example. But all in all it’s not one of the absolute best Tankard records to be honest, especially the sound should have been a little bit better!”
Can the fans expect any extras on the High Roller edition of “Disco Destroyer”? Gerre confirms: “There will be a cover version of Manowar’s ‘Fast Taker’ on there (as was the case on the CD re-release via AFM). I will also supply exclusive photo material.” So “Disco Destroyer” is the first Tankard vinyl release after “The Tankard” album from 1995, can that be true? That seems to be the case, says Gerre: “Yes, that’s true. But I don’t know how many copies of it were pressed back in the day. ‘Disco Destroyer’ was never released on vinyl back then. Not a lot of companies produced vinyl in the late ‘90’s. That’s why I am happy that the Tankard back catalogue will be re-released on vinyl now. We as a band don’t hold the rights but I don’t forsee any problems with the companies, or their legal successors, who do hold the rights.”

Matthias Mader