SCEPTOR - Introducing...Sceptor 7"
SCEPTOR - Introducing...Sceptor 7"
SCEPTOR - Introducing...Sceptor 7"
SCEPTOR - Introducing...Sceptor 7"

HRR 114, limited to 500 copies, lyric sheet, 150 x purple + 350 x black vinyl

Bob Mitchell - Vocals
T. Black - Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Tim Scholl - Rythm Guitar
Mad - Bass
WTF - Drums

-Shadows in the Maze


Sceptor is a brand new band (not a mere project). The guys have just released their debut 7" single (pairing "Powerhouse" with "Shadows In The Maze") on High Roller Records. The most well-known musician of the five-piece is without a doubt vocalist Bob Mitchell (of Attacker, Vyndikator and Sleepy Hollow fame). What about the rest of the guys then? Lead guitarist (and vocalist) T. Black explains: "All musicians apart from Bob are from Germany. The drummer played in a Pagan Metal band before. Bassist Mad and rhythm guitarist Tim come from a band called Pris 'n Style, a prog outfit from Mannheim. I myself have played in some quite well-known epic bands before forming Sceptor." Okay, so I take it that the two songs were recorded in Germany and then Mister Mitchell delivered his vocals? That was exactly the case as T. Black confirms: "Yes, one of our guitarists owns all the necessary equipment and know-how to record. He has built a studio and aims to support underground bands in the near future. The vocals came from the studio of Frank Oquendo, Bob's bassist. The mastering was done in Greece at Virtual Sound Studios." Sceptor, who are all dedicated vinyl collectors (hence they have chosen the 7" format for their debut) describe their style as "a cross between Savatage, King Diamond and Cage". All five musicians have left their former bands and concentrate 100% on Sceptor. No wonder a full-length album is already in the making: "Of course there will be an album. There will also be live appearances, both with Bob Mitchell on vocals and also with different guest singers. All compositions for the upcoming album 'Take Command' are more or less complete. At the moment we are rehearsing and fine-tuning the material. The vocals for the album will once again be recorded by Bob Mitchell. We will be playing gigs here in Germany with Bob and in between he will record the vocals for 'Take Command'." For the time being, the Sceptor musicians still work in their day jobs but have high hopes for the future: "Unfortunately, we have got turned down by this year's Headbangers Open Air festival but maybe we will be in the running for 2011. We do apperar live locally though, one date will be with local old-school Thrash band Hatchery. A further gig will be with our good friends from Strongholde, another mighty fine band. Our fans will get to hear the new material in all its glory even before the album is out."

Matthias Mader