ANGEL DUST - To Dust You Will Decay  CD
ANGEL DUST - To Dust You Will Decay  CD
ANGEL DUST - To Dust You Will Decay CD

HRR 752 CD, slipcase, poster

S.L. Coe - Vocals
Stefan K. Nauer - Guitars
Vinni Lynn - Guitars
Frank Banx - Bass
Dirk Assmuth - Drums

01. 3rd Challenge
02. Mr. Inferno
03. Wings of an Angel
04. Into the Dark Past (Chapter II)
05. The King
06. To Dust You Will Decay
07. Stranger
08. The Duel
09. Hold On
10. Flight to Russia (Bonustrack)
11. Dawn of the End (Bonustrack)
12. Total Destruction (Rehearsal)
13. Creatures of Hell (Rehearsal)
14. Crashdown (Rehearsal)


mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony

As veritable classics of German 1980s metal, Angel Dust’s first two albums have remained in high demand and were re-issued several times. Now “Into The Dark Past” (1986) and “To Dust You Will Decay” (1988) receive the ultimate CD and vinyl treatment alongside the group’s 1985 demo “Marching For Revenge” and rare rehearsal excerpts.

“I think we could have a better standing today if there hadn’t been any of that painful internal squabble between single members at crucial points in our earlier career,” assesses drummer and founder Dirk Assmuth, who is nevertheless glad to have drawn quite a large base of loyal fans – many of which are still following the band today – during their short run until they temporarily broke apart at the end of the decade.

Having worked closely together with High Roller on these re-releases, the skinsman inevitably waxed nostalgic because given the raucous speed metal his troupe was known for right from the get-go, It is no surprise that their initial studio ventures were rather chaotic.

“During the production of our debut in Berlin, guitarist Romme unfortunately realized he had forgotten all the lyric sheets in our rehearsal space in Dortmund. Therefore, bass player Banx and me had some sleepless nights, taking turns with a dictionary, notepad and pen next to the coffee machine on the hotel corridor to write everything down for a second time while struggling with our rudimentary English skills. Luckily, a language teacher, who had also booked a room at the place, corrected our worst errors.”

As history would have it, Angel Dust were reborn in the mid-90s and once again had a considerably creative period with a refurbished line-up and much more refined style, went on hiatus once more at the turn of the millennium (“I was basically done with it all at that point,” remarks Dirk) and has been around again in another incarnation since 2016 – set to release “Ghosts”, their first full-length since 2002, very soon …

Andreas Schiffmann