POKOLGEP - Metál Az Ész  LP
POKOLGEP - Metál Az Ész  LP
POKOLGEP - Metál Az Ész  LP
POKOLGEP - Metál Az Ész  LP
POKOLGEP - Metál Az Ész  LP
POKOLGEP - Metál Az Ész LP

HRR 704, ltd 500, 100 x bone(HRR mailorder exclusive), 200 x transparent seablue + 200 x black vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, insert, poster

József Kalapács - vocals
Gábor Kukovecz - guitar
László Nagyfi - guitar
György Pazdera - bass
László Tarcza - drums

01 Metal Az Esz
02 Gyulolnek
03 Szbadsag Szranyain
04 Egy Az Isten Rock N Roll
05 Indulj
06 Engedj
07 A Kitaszitott
08 Ne Bantsd A Fiut
09 Keso Hosnek Lenni
10 A Dal Erted El


Mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in March 2019.
Fully restored original artwork by Andre H. Türoff

When the „classic“ Pokolgép line up of József Kalapács on vocals, György Pazdera on bass, Gábor Kukovecz and László Nagyfi on guitar and László Tarca on drums recorded „Metál az ész“, the band’s fourth album, during the peak of their popularity in 1990, the fans expected nothing less than another masterpiece.
And they should not be disappointed, especially because the Hungarian „Hell machine“ (Pokolgép) achieved to unite the essence of their previous releases into the 10 tracks (14 tracks on the first CD version in the band’s history) of the new album. Already the opening trias, consisting of the fast opening title track „Metál az ész“, the waltzing „Gyűlölnek“ and the power ballad „Szabadság szárnyain“, is a downright cross section of the band‘s discography. Pokolgép’s followers also loved the album title, a hardly translatable wordplay with the word „Metal“ and a Hungarian expression. The following nationwide tour culminated on 09.06.1990 with a triumphant concert in Budapest, for which the fans could choose the setlist. A recording of the show was released a few months later as „Koncertlemez“ (Concert album).
At this point, nobody would have guessed that „Metál az ész“ would also mark the end of an era. Because behind the scenes, some serious tensions were going on between certain members of Pokolgép and symptoms of collapse were showing. Gábor Kukovecz and László Nagyfi, the creative masterminds behind Pokolgép, had already had dissent about the band’s direction for quite some time. While Nagyfi liked raw, impulsive and speedy songs, Kukovecz preferred solos and melodies. The tensions between Kukovecz and Nagyfi reached so far that the band had to rehearse seperately with each one. Finally, Nagyfi resigned from Pokolgép and took singer József Kalapács with him to form the band Omen. Pokolgép released two albums without Kalapács and Nagyfi, that both could not keep up with the earlier albums, and disbanded in 1994. On 02.09.1995 the classical line-up came together one last time for a farewell show in Budapest and recorded a live album called „Az utolsó merénylet“ (The last assault). In 1998 Pokolgép were revived by Gábor Kukovecz with an all-new line up. But even though both Pokolgép and the former members recorded new albums, none of them was able to recreate the same magic, quality and – above all – success of the early years, not even Pokolgép themselves. So a dream would come true for many fans on 08.06.2018 when the original members of the band shared the same stage again for the huge Pokolgép anniversary concert at the Budapest Sportcsarnok (Sports arena). And even though it was just for one night, when József Kalapács, György Pazdera, Gábor Kukovecz, László Nagyfi and László Tarca played the the first tunes together after almost 25 years, the magic of the good old times was instantly there again.
Tracklist „Metál az ész“ (Metal is brains): „Metál az ész“ (Metal is brains), „Gyűlölnek“ (Hatred), „Szabadság szárnyain“ (On Wings of Freedom), „Egy az Isten: Rock 'n' roll“ (Rock’n’roll is god), „Indulj“ (Go on), „Engedj“ (Let me), „A kitaszított“ (Outcast), „Ne bántsd a fiút“ (Leave the boy alone), „Késő hősnek lenni“ (Too late to be a hero), „A dal érted él“ (The Song Lives For You)

Sebastian Thiel