POKOLGEP - Éjszakai Bevetés  LP
POKOLGEP - Éjszakai Bevetés  LP
POKOLGEP - Éjszakai Bevetés  LP
POKOLGEP - Éjszakai Bevetés  LP
POKOLGEP - Éjszakai Bevetés  LP
POKOLGEP - Éjszakai Bevetés LP

HRR 703, ltd 500, 100 x silver (HRR mailorder exclusive), 200 x transparent royal blue + 200 x black vinyl, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, insert, poster

József Kalapács - vocals
Gábor Kukovecz - guitar
László Nagyfi - guitar
György Pazdera - bass
László Tarcza - drums

01 Gep-Indulo
02 A Lazado
03 A Pokol Angyalai
04 A Haboru Gyermeke
05 Most Mar Eleg
06 Ejszakai Bevetes
07 Tepett Madar
08 Itt Es Most
09 Kar Minden Szo
10 Szolo


Mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in March 2019.
Fully restored original artwork by Andre H. Türoff

With their third record „Éjszakai bevetés“ (Night operation) Hungary’s very own Pokolgép finally ascended the throne of Heavy Metal in 1989. The Hell machine (Pokolgép) was on full speed. The classic line-up of of József Kalapács on vocals, György Pazdera on bass, Gábor Kukovecz and László Nagyfi on guitar and László Tarca on drums proved Pokolgép‘s extraordinary position in the Hungarian music scene and the Eastern European Metal scene once again.

Although some fans missed the full speed metal from earlier albums, „Éjszakai bevetés“ was a huge commercial success. Just like on the earlier albums, guitar player László Nagyfi took over the mic for one song, this time „A pokol angyalai“, with his growling voice being an interesting variation to József Kalapács‘ powerful yet clear and melodic vocals. The smasher „A háború gyermeke“ and the power ballad „Itt és most“ became some of Pokolgép’s greatest hits and are still an essential part of every live concert to this day. A mixture of humour and tribute to Hungarian heritage was the final track „Szóló“, a „song“ played with traditional Hungarian wind instruments and a triangle and obviously not to be taken too seriously.

In contrast to its predecessors, lyrical duties on „Éjszakai bevetés“ were not provided by Feró Nagy anymore. Instead most of the lyrics were written by Béla Józsa, Pokolgép’s manager, and Attila Horváth, who wrote the lyrics for the immensely succesful track „Itt és most“.

At the end of their immensely successful summer of 1989 tour throughout Hungary, Pokolgép played a release show in front of 4000 enthusiastic fans in the Budapest Olimpiai Csarnokban (Olympic hall). For Pokolgép’s christmas party at the Körcsarnokban (Circle hall) in Budapest in 1989 so many people came out that hundreds of fans were literally pushed out of the arena when the band showed up. With „Éjszakai bevetés“ Pokolgép‘s popularity had beyond doubt reached an all-time high.

Tracklist „Éjszakai bevetés“ (Night operation): „Gép-induló“ (Ignition), „Lázadó“ (Rebel), „A pokol angyalai“ (Angels from Hell), „A háború gyermeke“ (Child of the war), „Most már elég“ (Enough now), „Éjszakai bevetés“ (Night operation), „Tépett madár“ (Torn bird), „Itt és most“ (Right here, right now), „Kár minden szó“ (Waste of words), „Szóló“ (Solo)

Sebastian Thiel