CLOVEN HOOF - A Sultan's Ransom  LP+DVDJAG PANZER - Ample Destruction  CD  BOOKMANILLA ROAD - The Courts of Chaos  LPASSASSIN - Holy Terror  LPMORBID SAINT - Spectrum of Death  LP
CRUCIFIXION - After the Fox  LPALIEN FORCE - Hell and High Water  LPCLOVEN HOOF - Dominator  LPIRON ANGEL - Hellish Crossfire  LPTHE RODS - Vengeance  LP
TRAITORS GATE - Devil Takes the High Road  MLPMANILLA ROAD - Open the Gates  LPCANDLEMASS - Don`t Fear The Reaper  10"RAZOR - Violent Restitution  PICTURE SHAPERAZOR - Armed and Dangerous  PICTURE SHAPE
NIGHT COBRA - Dawn of the Serpent  CDNIGHT COBRA - Dawn of the Serpent  LPTOKYO BLADE - s/t  LPOPPROBRIUM - Beyond the Unknown  LPPLASMATICS - Coup de Grace  LP
BLOOD FEAST - Face Fate  MLPBLOOD FEAST - Kill for Pleasure  LPDREAM DEATH - Journey into Mystery  LPMANILLA ROAD - Atlantis Rising  LPHIGH SPIRITS - Another Night  LP
ASSASSIN - The Saga of Nemesis  MLPMANILLA ROAD - Mystification  LPMANILLA ROAD - Voyager  12"+10"  DLPMANILLA ROAD - Gates of Fire  DLPTOAD THE WET SPROCKET - Rock 'n' Roll Runners  DLP