Killing The World SLIPCASE DCD

Sonic Age Records, The greatness continues!...
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Sonic Age Records, The greatness continues! This is what followed after the legendary TRÖJAN changed their name to TALIÖN and released an equally great album loaded with frenzied speeds, amazing vocals by Graeme Wyatt and the trademark guitar work of the great Pete Wadeson. Easily one of the best power/speed metal albums the UK has released, extremely rare nowadays on CD and vinyl, the album will finally see the light of day again after more than 30 years since its original release. Aside from the enhanced remastered sound, this special edition will feature 4 bonus previously unreleased editions of classic TALIÖN tunes plus an entire disc that captures the legendary show of the band in Bulgaria after this album was released. Do not miss the chance to own a piece of music history.

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