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Season of Mist, Gold 12" double vinyl with...
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Season of Mist, Gold 12" double vinyl with black splatters (33 rpm) incl. the extended versions of “Bright Like The Morning”, “Stormy Monday” and “I’m The Mountain” as bonus tracks in gatefold sleeve. Limited 250 copies worldwide! Like a puff of smoke, STONED JESUS have risen above the Carpathian Mountains as not only the heaviest, but perhaps the most important rock band to emerge from Ukraine. Prior to STONED JESUS' first communion, affable frontman Igor Sydorenko was just another familiar face among local progressive rockers. But after rekindling his old flame for metal amidst a stormy period in his personal life, Igor and his two new bandmates went off in search of more crushing highs. While only their second album, ‘Seven Thunders Roar’ marked an early milestone for STONED JESUS back in 2012. The riffs still roll downhill with all the sludgy force of a mudslide, but the band added crisp acoustic guitars to reflect their newfound inner strength. "Climbing up", Igor sings on "I Am The Mountain", a 16-minute instant classic that charges through lush folksy valleys and peaks of headbanging doom at full steam. "And we're never going to stop"... For fans of KYUSS, 1000MODS, WEEDEATER, SOMALI YATCH CLUB. Artwork by Yurri Nagorniy, design by Anton Shiferson.

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