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Hammerheart Records, reissue 2018, 180g transparent red vinyl, ltd 100, insert, Sacrilege's second full-length deserves definitively more affection and attention. As far as we can see, "Within The Prophecy" is one of the few albums that possesses really unique features. By the time this full-length was released, Sacrilege had parted with much of their Crust Punk influence, replacing it with doom metal aspects while not ditching the overall Thrash metal base. That rusty, filthy and massive guitar sound is still there, which acclimates itself quite well to the album’s slower plodding sections, and there’s still some moments when the rhythms kick into high-speed gear, but for the most part this is a mid-tempo affair full of drive with that fat rhythm guitar overwhelming the drums on occasion to the point where the music resonates as slower than it actually is, simply unique. As soon as the opening space organs of "Within The Prophecy" part way for the shuffling drum march and melodic outpouring of the guitars, you know you are already in for something a little different than what you heard on "Beyond The Realms Of Madness". What it has in common with its predecessor is the filthy speed metal edge and the production of the guitars. Much of this album reminds us of early Slayer, it has that same raw fuel to the guitars, though Sacrilege had a more natural predisposition towards melody, and the album sounds really raw. Even the album cover reeks of Doom Metal posturing, like an homage to Black Sabbath’s debut featuring a chubbier and uglier witch. A unique feature are the vocals of Tam Simpson, she has a powerful yet feminine voice. Her performance cannot be compared with that of other female Thrash vocalists and it is hardly possible to find the here presented combination of these clear vocals with the very dark and extremely dense riffing on any other album. But now come the riffs... They are very exceptional for a thrash album and to be honest, we are really unsure whether this amazing work can be categorized as Thrash Metal. The guitar work has absolutely nothing in common with the sharp attacks that were created by some violent dudes from the Bay Area. Instead, the gelatinous riffing appears as an impenetrable dark stream, like a flow of incandescent heavy metal lava (rumour has it that Bolt Thrower wanted exactly this guitar sound when they recorded their debut "In Battle There Is No Law"). But do not think of slow-moving guitars that want to create a doom metal album. Certainly they are not as swift as an arrow but they reach a satisfactory degree of velocity while mainly following simple, mid-paced rhythms. The sound of the guitars expresses the atmosphere of the spine-chilling artwork acoustically so that it marks a very important component of the album The "Speed Kills III" sampler presented a non-album song from the same recording session called "Insurrection", which is included here (with 4 more demo-songs) on the Deluxe-CD edition. It is a fast-paced neckbreaker, a fanatic double bass thrasher which is based on mercilessness and velocity, but in the context of "Within The Prophecy", it would have been more or less a foreign body. Sacrilege's "Within the Prophecy" has a fatalistic touch from the beginning to the end.

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