Trapped in the Abyss of Chauvet MLP BLACK

Unsilent Tombs Records, black vinyl, Forged in...
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Unsilent Tombs Records, black vinyl, Forged in the depths of the underworld Poison Leather’s debut MLP carries the torch of early Black Metal, taking the listener on a journey through the caves of Chauvet to the dawn of men and the ancient lore that lies within. Whilst paying tribute to the old masters of the genre Poison Leather are creating a unique atmosphere of bestial brutality carried by strong riffs, yet interstellar transcendence at times. Ancient, Barbaric and Ritualistic Black/Death Metal, featuring members of GRAVEYARD, IRON CURTAIN and TEITANBLOOD Be lost on their way and follow the ancestral ritual fire… Trapped in the Abyss of Chauvet (Ancestral Ritual Fire) was recorded at Moontower Studios (Terrasa) & Gorgon Studios (Murcia) between March and May 2020 Anno Vulgaris Aerae with Javi Félez commanding the Ritual Art. Mixed and mastered by Javi Flz at Moontower in May and June 2020. Cover Artwork by Christophe Moyen. Produced by Unsilent Tombs Records

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