Eastern Frontier in Flames LP YELLOW

Season Of Mist, gatefold, One out of two...
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Season Of Mist, gatefold, One out of two editions in the colours of Ukrainian flag. Yellow 12" vinyl (33rpm) in gatefold sleeve. Limited to 500 copies worldwide, available for the first time on vinyl. Due to the current situation in Ukraine, our Ukrainian artists are facing dire financial circumstances as there is currently no way for them to work or make a proper living anytime soon. In order to help them and their families survive, Season of Mist will donate 100% of the profits of this special vinyl edition to DRUDKH and will not be taking any fees. The idea for this special edition was brought to us by Osmose Productions. 'Eastern Frontier in Flames' is the definitive collection of the long out-of-print and sought-after DRUDKH EP's and split releases. 'Eastern Frontier...' combines 2007's 'Anti-Urban' EP and the MASTER'S HAMMER and SACRILEGIUM covers on 2010's 'Slavonic Chronicles' with the recent half of their vinyl-only collaboration with WINTERFYLLETH. 'Eastern Frontier in Flames' is an integral piece to any DRUDKH fan's collection as their storied full-lengths. For fans of HATE FOREST, IMPERIUM DEKADENZ, BURZUM, AGALLOCH. Artwork by Wladyslaw Skoczylas. Tracklist: Side A: Fallen into Oblivion/Ashes/Tam Gdzie Gasnie Dzien... Side B: Indiánská Písen Hruzy/...W Krainie Drzew/Ten, Ktery Se Vyhyba Svetlu/Recidivus

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