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Emanzipation Productions, In 2024, the stakes...
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Emanzipation Productions, In 2024, the stakes are high for Crocell. But, armed with a Tue Madsen-produced new album, the Danish men plot to expand further their evil influence and rotten everything at their passage. “Of Frost, Of Flame, Of Flesh” is the title of the release and, together with the fact that the band has recently signed to EMZ, has the potential of being Crocell’s big international breakthrough, after being on small underground labels previously. The result are eight tracks of pure death metal frenzy, with all the extras you could want, thrash and black metal hints included, and the usual Crocell trademark: a solid, intense sound, and a dark and violent atmosphere. It was five experienced gentlemen from the Aarhus metal scene who formed Crocell in early 2007, and the pace was high from the start. Thus, the debut album, “The God We Drowned,” was recorded the same year, and almost simultaneously with its release in 2008, Crocell was named “metal talent of the year” at the Danish Metal Awards. It was the beginning of a respectful underground career for the Danish collective, featuring members that are and were active in other bands such as Illdisposed, Urkraft, The Petulant, Mordax and Demolition Inc., among many others. The following years were spent playing sweat-soaked gigs, travelling the Danish roads and abroad and releasing five full-length albums and two EPs. Danish metal has seen one band after another flare up and die out, but after 17 years, Crocell continues undeterred, having long established itself as an indispensable player in the Danish metal scene with almost seven releases under its belt and over 100 concerts in over ten countries.

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