Ethereal Emanations from Cthonic Caries LP BLACK

FDA Records, black vinyl, ltd. 100, Extreme...
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voraussichtlich: 27.09.2024

FDA Records, black vinyl, ltd. 100, Extreme times call for extreme music. And that’s where ABRADED from Ohio/Cleveland come into the game with their new album “Ethereal Emanations From Cthonic Caries”. Extremely brutal classic Grindcore with a good pinch of Death Metal will hit you in the face acoustically. It can be assumed that singer Patric Pariano (also employed by HEMDALE and NOXIS) had his guts splattering out of his mouth while recording the vocals. Unlike their two previous albums, ABRADED are breaking new ground here, more extreme, louder, better..ABRADED sound pleasantly fresh, rested and extremely pissed on “Ethereal Emanations From Cthonic Caries”. A musical celebration if you like the earlier works of NAPALM DEATH, LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY doesn't leave you indifferent and you were socialized with bands like REPULSION, TERRORIZER or HEMDALE.

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