RITUAL - Widow  LP+7"SAVAGE MASTER - Creature of the Flames  MLPHOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH - s/t  CDBELL - Tidecaller  CDBELL - Tidecaller  LP
CLOVEN HOOF - Fighting Back  CDCLOVEN HOOF - Dominator  CDCLOVEN HOOF - Dominator  LPPROCESSION -- Lonely Are the Ways of the Stranger  7"AIR RAID - Across the Line  CD
AIR RAID - Across the Line  LPJAG PANZER - Chain of Command  LPJAG PANZER - Shadow Thief  LPJAG PANZER - Ample Destruction  LPJAG PANZER - Tyrants  LP
VOJD - Behind the Frame  7"LUZIFER - Black Knight  7"VULTURE - The Guillotine  LPHOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH - s/t  LPDIAMOND HEAD - Lightning to the Nations - The White Album  DLP
SLAUGHTER - Strappado  LP  ORIGINAL MIXCLOVEN HOOF - Fighting Back  LPCLOVEN HOOF - The Opening Ritual  LPWOLF -  Edge of the World  LPAT WAR - Ordered to Kill  LP
PROCESSION - Doom Decimation  CDPROCESSION - Doom Decimation  LPBUNKER 66 - Chained Down in Dirt  CDBUNKER 66 - Chained Down in Dirt  LPVENOM - Live from the Hammersmith Odeon Theatre  LP